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Who's Afraid of 'Rocky Mountain Heist'?

Bob558 Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 11:29 AM
1) I am surprised you found an appeals court that would side with any conservative, regardless of the legal issues at hand. 2) You haven't even begun to touch on the issue of vote fraud. From fake absentee ballots to outright ballot box stuffing, this issue runs far deeper and is more insidious than Americans commonly believe. 3) Given 1 and 2, forceful eviction of an illegal, unjust and fraudulent government may become necessary unless; 4) We need to eliminate absentee ballots outside of the military, outlaw electronic balloting systems entirely, impose 'dyed finger' voting and require voter ID in every precinct. Also, election fraud ought to be a capital offense. I'm negotiable on that last bit about it being a capital offense, but if point 4 is ignored entirely, point 3 is completely inevitable.
Using the name 'Wendy Davis' in the same sentence as trash or lowlife does a great disservice to lowlifes and trash of all persuasions. As least low lifes sometimes do something useful for society. As far as I can tell, only thing WD's ever done is try to look pretty while lying, lie on her back for the benefit of some guy in exchange for the financial and social benefits he can bestow and . . . lie some more. I guess she knows what she's good at.
And this would be our Secretary of State. . . . Wow. Unbelievable how far we've fallen. I feel like we are witnessing the death throes at Versailles. The monarchy no longer has any concept of what is really happening in the world, so our SoS proclaims man-made global warming as our greatest enemy even as POTUS tells us sexual assault on campus is the greatest affront to human rights in the world. Let us eat cake. Indeed. Hang them. Hang them because even we realize a guillotine is too inhumane. Hang them because they can never be made to understand what they've wrought and how utterly stupid they really are. Hang them because allowing them to rot in prison would be too good for them. Hang them as a warning to all the 'best and brightest' that if they have to enforce the 'good' on the people at the point of a gun, they are in the wrong and no longer eligible to enjoy the freedoms they want to take away from the rest of us. Hang them because our rights and our freedoms are non-negotiable. And hang the damn fourth estate that hid what they were up to and supported their fascist agenda even to the point of helping them lie and obfuscate. Might be a good year to be a rope manufacturer.
Thank the department of education. This has been the leftist goal since the department of education was created by Jimmy Carter, our schools have gone down hill at a fairly steep gradient, falling behind most of the developed world in the last 25 years. No Child Left Behind, commonly hung around the neck of GW Bush by the left, was actually written by Teddy Kennedy. GW asked him to do it, as a means of reconciliation with the Dems after a bitter election process. Its really simple; the left would strongly prefer that the people not understand their government. Or question the hand that feeds them. If it takes a plantation to keep power, then by God, that's what they'll do.
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In Ways Only America Can Do

Bob558 Wrote: Sep 22, 2014 11:53 AM
Sorry, Rich, but I have to disagree. Even though you may be correct, America is always 'evil incarnate', right up until its time for us to save the world again. Now it's time to cut our losses, withdraw for a while, and let the people see what it is that Putin and China really have in mind for them. In short; you can't call us names all week and then expect us to bail you out when the devil comes calling on Friday. Let nature take its course; lock them out of the U.S. and see if the E.U. or any of the BRIC countries can fix this mess.
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The Sacking of Ray Rice

Bob558 Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 2:12 PM
Couple of quick comments; 1) How are we going to have equality when we treat women as victims all the time? She stayed with this guy. Her choice. Or maybe her choice doesn't count unless it's to end the life of an unborn. Anyway; if he had hit a guy, no way we'd be running Rice out of the show. Again; we're treating women differently from men and its not right. If they're equal and they're adults, they get no special protection. That's what equality is. 2) This whole episode is terribly racist. Our Euro-centric culture simply doesn't understand and appreciate the cultural differences at play here. Rice is simply expressing his emotions in accordance with the culturally accepted mores by which he was raised. She seems to understand this, why can't society? Is it because of his skin color? 3) How come we're not supposed to use the secret video to condemn the 'gentle giant of Ferguson', but its okay to use secret video if the guy is in the NFL? I realize one is of the crime itself and the other is just a video of a crime committed by a guy who may or may not be the dead guy in question, but if you shouldn't release the video in the one case, why is it okay to do so in the other? 4) WHO THE FUQ CARES? There are people out there trying to take over the middle-east at which point they have stated they will turn their guns on us, our president is hell bent on arming them in the name of ousting Assad, even as he promises to eradicate them, which is kind of weird because HE CAUSED THEM TO BE. Whatever you believe here, Rice and the NFL are taking up too much of our public attention.
Such an overt abuse of authority ought to be met with prison time.
The judge ought to be impeached.
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The Continued Farce

Bob558 Wrote: Aug 29, 2014 12:40 PM
Okay, so go to the top of the nearest tall building on a windy day, drop a single leaf of paper over the side and then come back and explain why the data contradicts the notion that it fell at 9.8m/s^2. CO2 is a greenhouse gas. I think all the skeptics get that. I certainly do, even if Bill Nye and Al Gore can't seem to figure it out. (Check out their fraudulent experiment on Youtube. They couldn't make it work, so they outright faked it for the cameras. Anyone who understands why and how CO2 is a greenhouse gas could easily explained why it doesn't work with glass jars of CO2, but they chose to fake it instead.) Here's the thing; just proving you can't explain it any other way is okay, until you fail to explain it by CO2. As has happened since the GCM's did not predict the 17 year hiatus in warming and it now seems that the oceans do. Here's the deal; the oceans contain about 1000 times as much heat as the atmosphere. When they bring their hear to the surface, the earth warms, when they take it deep, the earth cools. That, combined with solar variation now seems to provide a much better explanation than simple 'CO2 drives global surface temps.'. Those of us who have studied this found that claim to be highly dubious, even given the physics behind the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In short; we wish we knew how our atmosphere worked, especially in conjunction with the oceans. But we do not. Is there some increased heating due to the anthropogenic component of the CO2 in our atmosphere? Sure, very likely a significant part. But not all. And it certainly is not the controlling factor. If it were, their models would be correct and it would now be about 1 whole celcius degree warmer than it is. That, in terms of global temperature anomaly, is a lot. The models don't work. The alarmism is not science. The science indicates a lot of things, some of which is contradictory. Clearly we do not fully understand our atmosphere. That IS what the science says. The ones who claim otherwise are charlatans, abusing science for their own political ends or enjoying all the attention they receive for being lapdogs in lab coats. Those who stifle debate are losing. "Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods." - Albert Einstein
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Rev. Al Gets It Right

Bob558 Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 5:15 PM
Hmmm . . . . that part of his speech seems to have escaped the attention of the national media. Wonder why?
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