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What really truly amazes me is that anyone is surprised by this. Americans died and the President was unaware? He claims he was unaware of Benghazi until he heard about it in the news later. This guy is a pathetic moron and the fact that the stuffed suits in the media are just now discovering that fact should tell you more about them than about him. They were the ones who went out and got him elected without asking him a single serious question about anything or even doing the most rudimentary investigation into who he was. I'm talk talking about the birther issue, this guy paled around with Bill Ayers and is an unabashed socialist and has made no secret of that fact. Apparently Piers Morgan, Chris Mathews, Dan Rather and all the rest never considered the fact that someone could be an avowed liberal and also a naive thoughtless unaccomplished boor. It just never crossed their mind, until very recently.
She says; "I Don’t Understand How Anyone But Straight White Men Can Vote Republican” And I don't understand how anyone who has a brain in their head and doesn't work for the government can vote democrat. Now, review both statements and tell me which of us is bigoted. Any further questions?
Put them in prison. Put ALL of them in prison. There is no longer any credible doubt as to their guilt. They use the Federal government offices and power to further their own ends. It's called organized crime and it's inside our government. The one's who've conspired to deprive U.S. citizens of their rights need to be hanged by the neck until dead and the rest need to sit in prison for the rest of their lives as a warning to all who would use our government, of the people, by the people and for the people, as their own little dictatorship or to further the goals of their political party.
The military of the 70's is a far cry from the military of today. Regardless; his comment does not conceivably rely on any understanding of the U.S. armed forces, either of today or 40 years ago. Your comment is possibly the saddest excuse for an ad hominem attack I've seen in quite some time.
Wow . . . had no idea the Nazi's held out that long. RIFed while on combat status . . . still doesn't seem right. As for the notion that RIF's are based on performance reviews; I know a particular O-2, hell bent liberal, West Point grad, perpetually low moral among people he's in charge of. Got sent stateside. Now he's been reassigned to Korea. Seems more and more officers of a liberal persuasion have been getting the nod. This trend dates back further than the current administration, to be sure. But as far as RIF's being for low performers; show me one single solitary example where you see that to be the case. CO gets a list. Here's the people who are not going to be asked to 're-up', based more on rank and ETS date than anything else. If he cares to stick his neck out, he may ask for one of them to be reconsidered. But the people who made the original list did not get to look at performance reviews when they made the list. So you are just pulling garbage out of your . . . rectal orifice.
What you have typed here is a lie. ACORN itself was in fact convicted of voter fraud in Nevada in 2011. Literally dozens of ACORN employees, from low level voter registration contract employees to staff and directors have been convicted of felonies in connection with their activities at ACORN. Too bad you didn't bother to look beyond wiki.
Neither is the right to vote.
You need to learn how to read. The 'right to vote' is not explicitly guaranteed in the Constitution. In fact, the 14th amendment only makes reference to it in light of what will be sacrificed by a state (proportional representation) if they do not recognize the right to all males over the age of 21. Get that? Didn't think so. Go back to remedial logic class.
In the days and weeks before Bill Clinton took office literally thousands of boats, most poorly constructed makeshift craft, left Haiti, bound of the U.S. This was the direct result of Bill Clinton's campaign rhetoric; "If I were President, I would -- in the absence of clear and compelling evidence that they weren't political refugees -- give them temporary asylum until we restored the elected Government of Haiti." As a result of his words, thousands upon thousands of Haitians set sail. Literally hundreds of them drowned. As a result, Slick Wiley was forced to reverse course, making a radio broadcast, addressed directly to these would be refugees, Mr. Clinton said he would continue the policy of the Bush Adminstration; interception at sea and return to their homeland. Of course, he couldn't bring himself to accept responsibility for his actions, he noted that he had repeatedly stated that "people who didn't qualify as refugees still shouldn't be here and that there was a clear and legitimate distinction between political and economic refugees." He continued, "So, you know, sometimes people hear only half the message." Yes, Bill Clinton was either knowingly endangering the lives of these people for political gain or was completely ignorant of the fact that the words of the leader of the free world have such an impact. Now we have Obama. Same mistake, same blood on his hands, willfully ignorant media pretending its not his fault. Yeah, explain to me how this is Congress' fault? What possible law could they pass that would stop this? They already did. If POTUS were to enforce the laws on the books, this would not happen. When a political party operates in this manner repeatedly, they are guilty of the deaths they cause. Own it, dems. Own it.
Really? That's what you got? The Obama adminstration has used a federal agency to squelch political dissent, privatized 20% of the U.S. economy without even reading the document by which they did so, left 4 Americans to die at the hands of savages rather than admit middle east terrorism still exists, and to you these are all less of a scandal than some mid-level bureaucrat telling Bob Novak the name of some Langley desk jockey or the notion that Bush attacked a foreign nation with the explicit support of congress and the rest of the world who ALL believed Saddam had WMD's and current knowledge seems to indicate that he actually did? Yeah, partisan much? Obama is not only a joke, he's an embarrassment to the country and should be the final nail in the coffin of affirmative action. Oh yeah; he's a corrupt and racist narcissist as well. Tell me, did I miss anything there? You still support him? I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
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