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Akin's Circular Firing Squad

Bob558 Wrote: Aug 23, 2012 2:45 PM
So Democrats can make jokes about rape (Frankin), commit rape (Clinton, Kennedy, Giles) or even kill their mates (Kennedy, Kennedy, Condit) and that's all okay. But let one Republican, hand picked by the left, make some remarkably stupid thing and the press paints it as though killing puppies were an official part of the Republican Party Platform for this election cycle. Well eff them; eff them right in the ear. Let's have a talk about Minnesota. Know any good rest stop stories lately? I wonder why not!

It’s now official: Tod Akin is now losing horribly to his Democratic opponent. It is time for a full court press to force Akin out of the running. In the first legitimate poll to be released following Akin’s travesty, Rasmussen reports that he is losing by a stunning ten points, 48% for McCaskill versus 38% for Akin. Akin had a three point lead before his toxic gaffe.

What Akin said was more than a gaffe, it was a travesty. It was an explosive, toxic gaffe with a shelf life of six years or more. As long as...