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Data Mining and Elections

Bob556 Wrote: Jul 05, 2013 9:40 AM
First.. Start with a BILLION plus dollars to buy elections. Lord only knows how much of this is FOREIGN funding. Throw in Voter Fraud. Then add the 2010 Census Data. The NSA spying data. Running a Campaign out of Chicago.. LAND of Demorat Crooks, thug, liars and Thieves. And you have a TRAITOR and FRAUD in the WH. Today... have even more information, a Campaign Staff that has been turned into a non-profit.. IRS,FBI, DOJ, DHS, to intimidate, threatened, JAIL anyone that questions the Dictator in Chief and his Demorat Cronies.. And we have a DOOMED AMERICA. Controlled by Commie Bastards.
This is nothing but SMOKE AND MIRRORS by OBAMA, Demorats and the LAME STREAM MEDIA. Not this is not Real Unemployment... Some where over 25 Million Americans are not included in this numbers.. THOSE out of work and not looking. How many are on Disability, Public Assistance.. INSTEAD OF WORKING. Please NOTE the increase in P/T jobs.. To survive in AMERICA today... You need two and three P/T jobs. And the politicians are adding 11 million to ?? million to the Work Force with Amnesty and yearly immigration. WE need to take back America. Impeach Obama.. try for HIGH TREASON. Recall/Fire/Vote out EVERY POLITICIAN that was in OFFICE before 2008! These are the Scum that ALLOWED OBAMA to take office.. KNOWING he was a FRAUD and not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.
Climate Change is America's BIGGEST PROBLEM for the future. Our biggest Problem in America.. IS sitting in the White House and all the LYING DEMORATS AND old dawg GOP members. America is GOING BANKRUPT. They continue to MAKE DECISION contrary to the Well being of ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS. We have OBAMA SCANDAL after Scandal. Nothing is DONE. The MEDIA lies, coverups and otherwise is DECEIVES the America Citizens.. IN the NAME of Demorats and Obama. The PROBLEM IS NOT CLIMATE CHANGE. IT IS our ELECTED OFFICIALS ON THE HILL. Take back AMERICA. Demand IMPEACH of OBAMA and trial for HIGH TREASON. The FIRE EVERY Senator, Congress PERSON that allowed this ILLEGAL POTUS to be put into office in 2008!
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Janet Napolitano Forgot We Know About NSA

Bob556 Wrote: Jun 22, 2013 7:33 AM
This is ONE WOMAN that needs to be FIRED and JAILED. She has allowed more ILLEGALS across the border and TURNED loose more Criminals that anyone before. She is a BRAIN DEAD OBAMA ZOMBIE! Impeach OBAMA, try him for HIGH TREASON.. And we can start FIRING AND JAILING SCUM LIKE HER.
Just think..IF Obama would give up ALL his RITZY VACATIONS, CUT the WH PARTIES OUT.. He could save some of THESE JOBS. But the KING and MOOCHER QUEEN.. have to milk the American Taxpayer.
You got that right.. OBAMA fired his brains at an early age on CRACK, COKE AND POT..
My only question is. Where in the HELL HAS THIS SCUMBAG been for the last YEAR.
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