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You have it exactly right, Kenneth, This war will be over the minute Hamas quits firing rockets at Israel.and quits their purposeful targeting of civilians; due to their brain-washed hatred.
Apparently rich liberal/progressives want to keep all the big money for themselves. They are obviously not sharers.
Pathological liars treat every word they say as "Gospel."
And you get to keep your doctor; right?
Their theme song with be, "Devil With a Blue Dress On." > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXy7qYAKrfc
After having observed what UAW union thugs have done to Detroit and Lansing for over 40 years, all I can say is, "Bravo, Volkswagen Chattanooga Workers."
How many American lives would have be wasted in #Benghazi before their their deaths would become worthy of the the U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice's attention? I can remember other presidential administrations when every American citizen's life was valuable and worth protecting.
The Truth Project >>> http://www.thetruthproject.org/
I applaud Ken Cucinelli's battle with the Al Gore types who lie about the effects of carbon dioxide on the Earth's atmosphere to feather their own nests while raising the cost of energy for everyone else. Read this article to help you understand the issues surrounding C02 > http://www.plantsneedco2.org/default.aspx?MenuItemID=103
There's definitely more truth than fiction in this article. Eventually you get what you deserve; except, thankfully, for God's grace!
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