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Is Medical Care A Right?

Bob4419 Wrote: May 03, 2012 3:09 AM
-- Another problem with third party payment is that patients have no incentive to scrutinize their bills. All those motivated eyes go to waste. -- Prior to broad coverage insurance, medical care in the 70s cost half as much as now as a %-age of GDP, and our GDP is three times as large. -- Broad coverage medical insurance isn't the solution-- it's the problem.
Faced with the possibility that the Supreme Court may overturn the entire Affordable Care Act, there have been a quite a few articles which outline possible replacement plans for Obamacare. It is fascinating that the extensive coverage of this subject has made healthcare “experts” of so many people. I find it amusing that for most, the qualifications to opine on how to fix healthcare simply amounts to having had to wear a gown and get a shot.  
It is troubling that so many people believe that the major problems with our healthcare system stem from misaligned incentives for doctors...
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