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He deserves worse. Even though I think the Garner death was preventable and resulted from over-zealousness, that's no reason to throw all the cops under the bus. Things are tense after the idiotic rioting in Ferguson, and what a mayor should be doing is to quiet things down, not making statements about having to train his bi-racial son about how to protect his son from those bad policemen. What a jerk. Took a page right out of Obama's post-Trayvon-Martin notebook.
It's about framing the question, "Do you feel safe with a gun in the house?" as if there's a gun running around loose in the house that might discharge itself at any moment. You know, guns kill people. Like anthropomorphized inanimate objects in cartoons, with little legs and arms (and those white gloves with the three lines on the back). What kid wouldn't be terrorized by that imagination? Maybe they should have showed the kid lying in bed with a white-knuckled grip on the covers, wide-eyed. This is how they want the thought to be framed-- "I don't feel safe with a gun in the house." Never mind that Mom and Dad are sane, loving, and protective parents. That gun might have some issues of its own.
CBS cares.
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Help Wanted: A GOP Leader for a Majority

Bob4419 Wrote: Jun 17, 2014 8:27 PM
And, Democrat voters vote for Democrats, even when the Democratic voters are dead. It was just sitting there. I couldn't resist.
I think I'd draw the line at whacking him in the head with something hard enough to render him unconscious. What you're talking about is vindictive sadism. For me, that seems more in line with left-wing emotionalism, and not in keeping with Christian principles or traditional principles of honor.
Yes, she should be. Trying and failing in such a situation is far better than not trying at all.
Though I was an English and Philosophy major, and have studied language from both angles, yet I still make mistakes. I find that the likelihood of my making a grammatical error increases dramatically when I'm commenting on grammatical issues. Go figure.
It's the inequality sign, or as close as you can get with standard keyboard symbols. "=/=" means "does not equal" or "is not identical to"
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