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A Racial Revolution?

Bob4419 Wrote: May 19, 2012 2:16 PM
Not only are their depictions of human persons inaccurate, their practices also entail a methodological elitism. Empirical knowledge is the knowledge that is power, and social science theorists and implementers of their theory are empowered over the sheep-like masses they objectify. This empowerment is further enhanced by the negative self-fulfilling prophecies engendered by convincing the people to view themselves as they are defined by those theories-- mechanistically passive, amoral, collectivized, and ruled by passions, sensations, and conditionings.

Now that census data show -- for the first time in American history -- the number of white babies born exceeded by the number of babies born to non-white minorities the question is: What does this mean for the future of American society?

Politically, it means that minorities who traditionally vote overwhelmingly for Democrats can ensure that the country veers ever further to the left over the years, making America more like the welfare states of Europe, whose unsustainable spending led ultimately to financial crises and widespread riots.

But this is not strictly a matter of whites versus non-whites....