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This is a good example of "liberalism is a mental disorder" because she does not have a clue what is right is what is wrong. Illegals do not deserve anything in the USA. If she does not believe this, have her go to Mexico and see if she deserves a job. What a loon! She is definitely not eligible to be Attorney General. Nominate someone else.
The Republicans are trying to seal their defeat in 2016. Leave the military and military retiree alone. These are the very people who got you elected, now you are trying to hurt them financially. Remember, what goes around comes around and we will remember this come 2016.
Hal Rogers probably is a Chamber of Commerce supporter who just wants cheap labor. He is a Democrat lite Republican and needs to be defeated in 2016. Come on Kentucky, do your job; vote him out because he is not a friend of Kentucky or the American people. He is for his own self, plus big labor.
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Ebola Widow Gets Social Security

Bob4033 Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 11:07 PM
How is the ebola widow eligible to receive Social Security? Her husband was a citizen of Liberia and they overstayed their visa in the first place. This is the reason the Social Security trust fund is running out of money. Want to bet if this widow was from Europe, and not a black person, that she would be able to draw Social Security? Being politically correct is costing our country in too many ways.
What in the world do you mean? Mitch McConnell is a weak GOP head and should lose his job if the Republcans regain the Senate. I agree with StudentConservative.
I agree. Mitch McConnell is the reason we have Obamacare. He had a chance to defund this last Fall, but he caved to the Democrats and allowed it to be fully funded. Now he, and his fellow RINOs (Ayotte and Deb Fisher) are caving in to the mentally defective Harry Reid in opposing the Supreme Court's rulling on Hobby Lobby's religious freedom case.
The regime gets away with everything because the Republican leadership is afraid of being labeled "racist", by the media, for opposing anything he does. They (the Republican leader(less)ship are wimps and that is why all Democrats and RINOs must be defeated at the polls.
You are correct. Bergdhal should be in the brig because there is clear evidence he deserted and helped the enemy in Afghanistan. Shortly after his departure from his unit, the Taliban began to more effectively destroy our vehicles. People in his old unit believe he gave them information that helped them target the moving vehicle more effectively. Except for Obama's invovement, Bergdhal would have been jailed while awaiting trial for desertion and helping the enemy while we were at war. He deserves whatever he gets. There is a common denominator here. Both Obama and the Bergdhal family are Muslims. That is why nothing will come of this issue and will go away as soon as the publicity get old.
You of course are correct. But the problem is the Supreme Court does not want to look at ACA (ObamaCare) again and thus, so far, the Democrat controlled lower courts have ruled the people bringing this up have no standing. As long as John Roberts is the Chief Justice, we will not get a favorable ruling that the ACA is illegal. We need to take care of this very bad law by electing conservative Republicans to the House and Senate where they can repeal this bias and majority passed legislature. Sane people need to take over our government because the people leading us now are mostly socialists/communists.
It is very much an article on Rand Paul as he wants to become president, but his stand on marijuana will prevent this from ever happening. Paul is just like his dad (Ron) in that they are both libertarians and both advocate legalizing marijuana. We have enough trouble with alcohol and do not need anymore drugs to kill the youth's brain cells.
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