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A campaign for death against a background promoting death is not a mistake in the eyes of The Party of Death.
We should quarantine all Ebola patients inside the fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Mark, you're dead on target. The kleptocrats in DC will move immediately to protect themselves from a threat, but will insist on porous borders that expose real Americans to violence from ISIS, gangs & disease from Central America and Ebola from Africa. No wonder the fools in DC are not ruling with the consent of the governed anymore.
'Vote' is increasingly synonymous with 'fraud' here in the USA. Welcome to Zimbabwe.
Obama: 'US can't cut itself off from West Africa' Sounds like a campaign speech infused with the political correctness of a candidate to be the next Secretary General of the UN. In the meantime, he walks away from the primary, fundamental responsibility of implementing travel bans.
Quarantine the cartel members and US Ebola patients inside the fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Getting us all killed IS the objective.
Obama has gone from pathological liar to raving lunatic. Only a terrorist fool would skip most of his intelligence briefings and try to claim there was no 'intelligence' on ISIS.
I don't think the repubs have any fight in them.
Kill the veterans, but 'soften the blow' for the bureaucrats. Nice move. And the government folks wonder why they have not one ounce of credibility left.
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