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America needs a real leader, so we imported Bibi.
I agree. Bill O'Reilly has been far to easy on the Hussein. The aim of liberals is as bad as their problem with lying.
It's far more than 'odd' that this administration sides with the enemies of the USA and does all it can to hurt our friends. Smells like treason.
Cher is a delusional, moronic Communist lunatic.
Why are Lerner and Koskinen not already in jail? Oh, that's right. Congress is full of traitors.
The members of the Senate Judiciary Committee need to resign in disgrace and turn themselves in for committing treason for their support of amnesty and work permits for illegal invaders.
The current Fascist regime in DC is very big on corporate welfare, as seen in the crony corporatism exhibited by the WH. Most politicians, either Dems or Reps, have shown by their actions they have been bought and paid for by various corporate and political (e.g.: Communist Party USA, US Chamber of Commerce) entities that have no regard for the well being of Americans. Dems and Reps alike are money grubbers out to buy votes and peddle influence.
XJ, you need to understand the difference between education, or the building of skills in critical thinking, and the Nazi propaganda that currently passes for 'higher education.' True thinking men and women understand the need for the Federal government to live within its means and the wise constraints placed on it by the Constitution.
This administration is part of ISIS.
They get their 'players' from the leftist propaganda spreading universities. Their stupidity comes from the top of the Dem pecking order. When the Prez policies are based on treason and stupidity, you can't expect much good from the mouths of the idiots down the food chain. They hire morons to defend the indefensible.
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