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Terrorist Bill Ayers Awarded 'Visiting Scholar" status at Minnesota State University

Bob3705 Wrote: Mar 25, 2013 5:17 PM
.........and bomb the pentagon, police stations, and other public buildings and plot anarchy throughout the country. We used to put criminals like him in prison. Now we call them "professor" and pay them to spout their brand of communist anarchy to our college students.

Conservatives have long complained of a strong liberal bias on college campuses. Now school officials at Minnesota State University have selected left-wing radical and admitted terrorist Bill Ayers as the 2013 College of Education and Human Services “visiting scholar.”

“He is somebody who has written a lot through his teaching in the area of social justice,” Professor Steve Grineski, who helped select Ayers for the award, told Campus Reform . “[H]e was selected because of his expertise” and his long history of trying to commingle his own social justice principles with the American education system.

Ayers, co-founder of the communist...