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Man Defends His Life With an AR-15

Bob3705 Wrote: Apr 23, 2013 5:04 PM
"He was cooperating with the police...." like he had a choice. What's odd about all these defensive gun use stories is that they never tell you that the police almost ALWAYS confiscate the weapon used in the defense and the victim goes through pure expensive hell trying to get it back, in effect leaving the victim disarmed.

For months we've been hearing from gun grabbers that AR-15s can't be or shouldn't be used for self-defense. Well, they were just proven wrong. From

Jasper Brisbon, 32, wandered up to a couple late Friday at the Lynnewood Apartments as the pair spoke outside their unit. Brisbon, they told police, appeared to be on drugs. He stared at the pair for several minutes before the couple decided to go into their apartment, police said.

But as they entered their home Brisbon jumped between them, forcing his way in.