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If dirtbags wouldn't assault the police who are trying to do their jobs, maybe they wouldn't get shot. Check out the picture of Brown on Facebook with a wad of money in his mouth and holding a Glock. Gives a clearer picture of what the perp is really like.
You got that so right Lars.
And do you actually think those barbarians, who can neither read or write, have twitter accounts? Didn't think so, but Moochelle does. How ignorant can she get?
They are barbaric savages who have no value for life. Kill em all.
When by sons were very young and I was a LEO, I taught them all about guns & gun safety. They've done the same for our 6 & 8 year old grandsons and all respect firearms. If you own a firearm, or even if you don't, teach your children firearms safety and stop with all this demonizing. If you teach them properly at an early age it might just deter their curiosity should they ever encounter an unattended firearm.
OK then, where did those single-cell organisms come from? They had to be created by someone or some higher entity. They just didn't appear out of nothingness. If you are a believer in the big-bang theory, where did all those elements that caused the big-bang come from, or do you think they just magically appeared out of nowhere?
A couple of questions: 1. If man evolved from the ape, why do we still have apes? 2. If man evolved from atoms etc., where did those atoms come from and don't tell me they always existed. Where did they come from in the first place?
Jesse Ventura is a moron and most likely has been off his meds since he became governor of Minnesota, a position in which he screwed up state government and made Minnesota a laughingstock of the nation.
Typical liberal democrat misleading lies again. Like the articles says, to buy ANY firearm, you need a government-issued ID plus you get a background check. Not so for voters, but I do think to prevent voter fraud you should be required to provide a photo ID. Then again, that goes against the democrats attempts at winning a vote at all cost, even fraud.
Bombshell my a$$. This case should never have made it to trial, nor should an arrest been made. It was a political sham brought on by pressure from the Obunga administration. The federal government should have kept their collective noses out of a trial that was the state's business. The DOJ will still try to get their pound of flesh with a civil trial against Zimmerman so the show isn't over yet.
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