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So Unhappy

Bob319 Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 8:50 AM
Charles - great insight -- It is always interesting to me to see that thinkers in the past when through all the same things and found ways to put words to explain the events and the condition of being human. The sad part with all the so call knowledge we have available today we still do the same stupid acts. Kinda of sucks being human. Thanks for the post - cause me to think a bit - which I appreciate!

Four years ago, there was a sense that America was clearing its last hurdle on race and ideological animosity. There was pride in electing the first black president, even by those that didn't cast their vote for Barack Obama. Fast forward to even before Friday's massacre, and there was a malaise hanging over the nation ripping it apart on so many levels. Americans pitted against fellow Americans. It's not good enough to lose elections anymore, there has to be complete demonization and the absence of any compromise.

God is under attack, traditional values are being abandoned, and capitalism is considered heartless...