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Harry Reid Rattles Markets

Bob319 Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 8:29 AM
you have to hit bottom before you start getting better --- sad to say we haven't hit bottom, mainly because the gov't gives out so much in disability and welfare. When one normally thinks of the Depression of the 30's you think of soup lines and guys selling apples. Being poor had a face - today you usually don't see the poor and as such we really don't believe that we need to reign in government.

Knowing the market was on pins and needles, Harry Reid gave stocks a nudge last week, sending the major averages spiraling into the close. It didn't take a lot of words, but they were the kind that sent investors scurrying for the exits.

"We're not making enough progress on the fiscal cliff."

While I'm happy President Obama finally met with small businesses, the White House is using grade school bullying techniques that the cool kids use to punish the not-so-cool kids. Non-stop campaigning is probably how the office operates from now on as it works for the incumbent who spent more time...

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