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Government Gone Bad

Bob319 Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 8:23 AM
Yes the bulk of these guys are lawyers, but it is worst than that. They bulk of them, mostly democrats, have only worked for the government, and even worst yet, a majority started their working life as an aid to senator/representative X. A training ground for folks to think like politicians. There is lot more to the catch phrase of the political class, than just words. They live in a bubble and have a staff that lives in a bubble. Another sad irony is a large percent got in via a special election when representative X died his/her staff aid won in a special election with VERY low turnout and then just stayed for several terms.

Politicians claim they make our lives better by passing laws. But laws rarely improve life. They go wrong. Unintended consequences are inevitable.

Most voters don't pay enough attention to notice. They read headlines. They watch the Rose Garden signing ceremonies and hear the pundits declare that progress was made. Bipartisanship! Something got done. We assume a problem was solved.

Intuition tells us that government is in the problem-solving business, and so the more laws passed, the better off we are. The possibility that fewer laws could leave us better off is hard to grasp. Kids visiting Washington don't...