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When it is obvious that your are pandering to a group you lose any credibility. The other side effect is the tragedy of low expectations -- e.g. Muslims do stupid stuff because ________ (fill in the blank) so they get a pass. Same is true when we talk about the 'wonderful' black culture of the inner cities -- blacks do stupid stuff because of _________ (fill in the blank) and they get a pass. Start holding everyone to the same standard and get rid of the political correct speech and most of this madness would go away,
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Use Mercenaries to Fight ISIS?

Bob319 Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 7:26 AM
Interesting! -- This is only going to stop when other mulims rise up and defeat this madness, it can't be done from the outside. radical islam is a cult and must be treated as a cult. Remember the madness in northern Ireland - it only stopped when people were tired of it and the "mothers" from both sides started to work together to end the madness. Same is true for the wonderful 'black culture' we have in America - it will only go away when strong black leader rise and denounce the madness of the inner cities. This list goes on and on - bombing by Americans will only produce more radical idiots, bombing and arabs troop on the ground will end this era which historians will have a hard time describing.
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Who Killed the American Family?

Bob319 Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 7:22 AM
look forward to reading your book!
It will be interesting to see how history treats western culture in 100 years or so. My guess is that it will be written by a muslim.
The first part of a solution is to identify the problem.
I don't get the point of this post. I guess he is saying all the right things but it turns me off when start saying how difficult it was to read what the owner was saying, Heck it is hard for me to listen to hip hop culture. Maybe we all need a little ticker skin!
Gerrymandering is one of those topics where everyone has a very informed viewpoint. For me it is one of the reasons why we are so polarized, I look at the black districts that were developed to ‘help’ get representation for blacks. While it sounded good it got exactly the opposite results. Prior to setting up these districts any politician had to appeal to ALL citizens both black and white if they wanted to get elected, i.e. you couldn’t be an obvious bigot. Now with black districts the politicians can take more extreme positions and get elected. The result is that there are several black faces in congress but have no real power. This is true for any topic where gerrymandering is used and true for both parties. If someone had the guts, and a vision for the future, each congressional district would be a simple rectangle.
not 3/4 but 100%
While I appreciate what the author is talking about there is an obvious elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. We live in a time when there is more information available about early childhood development for anyone who cares to find the articles. For generations poor families have raised kids and amazing they have turn into productive members of society for the most part. You have to start asking what is different now than in say the 40's, 50's, or 60's. While there are many answers the one that seems most important to me is that there are so many more people dependent on government and assume it can solve their problems. Poor people aren't stupid but like all all humans they response to incentives. Offering free preK schooling will not solve the underlying problem - I remember all the promises of Headstart and what a failure it turned out to be!
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Journalists in Screech Advocacy Mode

Bob319 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 6:51 AM
I have always enjoyed the history of early america when each party had their own newspapers that naturally did the biding of their party. I hope that Brent does a column some time about when the news was suppose to be 'unbias' and just report the facts. I agree with your comment - but the history of how we got here would be interesting.
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