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As an "over-the-hill" dude I totally agree with you. It sounds as if Rachel doesn't know her bottom from the political donkey!
Will Liberals ever leave Bush alone?? Twenty years from now they will still be blaming Bushy for the problems they create! Unbelievable!!
I am right besides you!!
Apparently you don't believe in errors while typing and not catching them while proofreading!! You probably don't use your computer too often and when you do, you use one or two fingers to type!!
What an idiot!! For a "Doctor" title you sure are stupid! You've had too much Obami!!
What an idiot!! For a "Doctor" title you sure are stupid! You've had too much Obami!!
Black man is what he is!! If someone refers to my brown skin, I don't call him on it, I am brown!! Stop being so sensitive about skin color, we all have it.
This boisterous, wild party the Democrats are staging is no more then a way to take the attention off Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS and all their scandals they are trying very hard to hide. . . .and succeeding!!
Unfortunately these voters in their 20's and 30's can't yet picture life in their 70's. To them it's a time that will never come! So what else can we use?
There was a time when people would say that if we had more women in politics, we would be a more gentle, caring country!! With the women we have it seems as if we have gone to hell! Totally agree with the above statement, these women politicians do listen to the people, they think they know best and go on their own socialistic progressive way! What a disaster!!
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The Progressive Agenda On Display

Bob2504 Wrote: Oct 06, 2013 4:01 PM
Open your eyes Dude! Only when the "rich" were building America and giving jobs to the poor did the poor advance to higher standards of living!! How stupid can you be? To think that Government needs to do all for us! Pretty soon government will want to wipe your bottom and that will probably be OK with you! You need some help my friend, you are really, really sick!!
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