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Lois, are you sure you're not in North Korea?
Impeachment wouldn't go anywhere unless we replace Reid!!
This is great!! How do we get Republicans behind it! if we give a little now, we'll take it all later and start re-doing this mess that this current administration will leave behind! Let us stick together
What do you call it, idiot!
WTF does Allen West have to do with this article? Are you that stupid?
Hey Clonginus you are so far off that it's not funny! Tell me of one program that the government runs that's efficient and on budget! Not one, they all run at a loss! 'What makes you think that this will be different? And why do you think that the government should even be taking care of your health issues? Why should we all be responsible for drug users, alcoholics, smokers and all others that do not take care of their own health!! Bring health care back home. It belongs at state or county, and community level. Get the Federal Government out of toilets!!
What rock have you been under?
"Health Care was abandoned for too long" Why is it the nations responsibility to take care of your health? Why can't we, each, according to our life styles, do for ourselves. I truly believe in helping my neighbors in time of need as do communities and church groups. This should be an issue for Counties and States and not the national government. Bring our problems home!
The Democratic world is falling apart via Obamacare and this fool does not see it!!
As an "over-the-hill" dude I totally agree with you. It sounds as if Rachel doesn't know her bottom from the political donkey!
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