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Jarrett has always been "the neck that turned the head" at the White House.
Love your last sentence! Ever notice that his name is a contradiction in terms? "Josh," to kid or tease; Earnest, "a serious and intent mental state." When it comes to "honesty," Josh is easily "filling the shoes" of his predecessor, Jay Carney. With both, "the truth" was and is anathema. (Good word...look it up. It applies to the entire Obama administration.)
Not much more can be said other than BRAVO SIERRA!! This administration is rotten from the head down. It's no more than a "continuing criminal enterprise" worthy of a RICO indictment.
JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED! Is there recourse to appeal this travesty...and also idict the guilty who "weaponized" the IRS?
Is ANYONE surprised in the least by this latest revelation of another LIE from the Obama administration? I started to say that there's not a "smidgeon" of truth that escapes Obama's "continuing criminal enterprise;" but an "iota" is smaller than a "smidgeon," so that term is more accurate. After this length of time, one could probably assemble a gigabyte of disinformation, 1/8th-truths, bald-faced LIES, scandals and corruption attributable to Obama, his cabinet, and the Executive Branch agencies he has "weaponized" against his political adversaries and the American people, in general.
And here's an example of the sleezy, race-baiting tactics - the BIG LIE being disseminated in the MSM by the Democrat Party in Georgia to scare voters: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2014/10/22/race-card-democrats-go-ugly-to-boost-black-turnout-n1908562?utm_source=thdailypm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl_pm#!
Troll Alert! Ol' Cam25 has again dropped a burning sack of c-r-a-p on the front porch and rung the doorbell...always with innocuous derogotory tidbits that don't address the comment to which they are "replying." Darn, I forgot to add "blame Bush" to the specious methodologies employed by leftists when they have no pertinent facts to refute what's said. DEMOCRATS (Pelosi and Reid) controlled BOTH Houses of Congress for the final 2 years of the G. W. Bush presidency. (They had won majorities in both the House AND the Senate in November of 2006.) When they took the economic “helm” in January, 2007, the deficit was only $161 billion and was moving on a downward trajectory. However, after only 3 years, the Pelosi-Reid Congress added $1.2 trillion more to the deficit. This means that, even on Inauguration Day, 2009, liberal Democrats had already pushed through enough spending measures to balloon the “Bush” deficit by almost 750 percent. That’s a total increase of about $1,040 billion ($1.04 TRILLION), or an average deficit increase of more than $43 billion PER MONTH…and that's BEFORE Barack Obama even took the Oath of Office. Bush’s major mistake was going along to get along”…signing off on this spendthrift budget (and not vetoing it). Why, because it enabled the Congressional Democrat majority to disingenuously hang their self-generated deficit around his neck.
KevinJGarza, JerryVThomas and any other twits who want to hijack this comments section with your ridiculous ads, either buy an ad, or cease and desist. Maybe, if every other visitor to this site would flag these ads as offensive wherever they appear, Townhall.com will block them.
Repetitive AND misleading, James B: "Cost increases are on an overall downward curve." This means that costs are still going UP...just not as fast as they were initially. Time for you to "troll" on back over to HuffPo where people might buy your BS.
Considering how many people believed Obama's big lies about the cost of the misnamed Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) back when he was first promoting it, claiming it would save families $2500, and bribing Senators with taxpayer-financed "goodies" for their votes to pass it, a lot of folks have apparently pulled their heads partially out of the sand to realize that they can no longer trust the president to tell them the truth. ONLY 7% still believe that their healthcare costs will be lower under Obamacare. That's good; but the poll also indicates that some 34% of the respondents to this Politico poll think that their costs will be "about the same." Those respondents are obviously oblivious to the widely reported facts about rising costs and big deductables inherent in ACA-compliant policies.
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