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Now that's funny right there.
Nor was she worth her pay while she was a NY State Senator...or as First Lady (if you ask Bill).
The harm that Obama has inflicted on Congress is that he has unilaterally usurped the authority to legislate, a power that is specifically assigned to the Legislative Branch of our government. And Obama has insulted the Congress further by failing in several cases (like DOMA and even the ACA) to faithfully ENFORCE laws, AS WRITTEN, that have been passed by both Houses of Congress, and signed by the sitting president.
He has BROKEN it alright, and stomped on the pieces; but he refuses to "own it," or to take "a smidgeon" of responsibility for the drastic results of his failed leftist policies. From the time when he first took, and then proceeded to habitually violate, his Presidential Oath of Office ... to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States," he has been the poster boy for "bad behavior" by someone holding "high office," exactly the criteria put forth by the Founders for Impeachment, conviction and removal of an elected or appointed official from office.
Remember one of Rush Limbaugh's "Undeniable Truths of Life" ... that liberalism is the only pathway to power for ugly women.
Thank you Margaret. I think I'm in love!
Troll Alert: What an inane statement...far more likely to be favorably received over at HuffPo.
Taxpayers not wishing to PAY for someone else's birth control regimen, especially abortifacients and surgical abortions does not in any way constitute a "war on women." It's a contrived, patently false and disengenuous rhetoric! But liberal Democrats who favor the unilateral right of any woman to terminate the life of a healthy human female (or male) on the threshold of viability outside the womb (beyond 5 months of gestation) DOES actually amount to human genocide...a truly barbaric "war on the defenseless."
Although I love the idea that Obama could be removed via the states' 10th amendment powers, I'd like to know the details of the process. The Constitution is very clear about who impeaches/indicts (the House), who is the jury (the Senate), and who presides (the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS). The 10th Amendment deals with duties/rights/tasks not specifically enumerated in the Constitution as being those of the federal government; but the specific process for for removing a president from office seems clear.
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