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Convicted Drunk Driver Indicts Perry

Bob2408 Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 4:19 PM
Rachel: To clarify, the alcoholic DA, Rosemary Lehmberg, and the group she still heads, did not indict Governor, but she could have stopped the complaint from a leftist special interest group from going forward to a judge, who in turn appointed a special prosecutor to put together an indictment to present to a Travis County grand jury. The indictment of Gov. Perry is a classic example of how Democrats react when caught behaving badly: "Lefties" like Lehmberg are just so quick to blame the consequences for their own choices, actions, and policies on others. They will not tolerate anything that makes them "look" bad -- or worse yet, "feel" bad. -- They deny both standards of right and wrong as well as reality itself, believing it all to be a socially-constructed prison … because that’s what they WANT to believe. By so doing, they can, in some sense, deny their true culpability. They despise any limitations on their behavior; and they will seek to punish anyone who might try to hold them accountable for their "conduct unbecoming." And today, it's been reported that Gov. Perry actually offered the job to a former assistant DA, Mindy Montford, a DEMOCRAT, if Lehmberg were to resign or retire. It was also reported that a local Democrat State Senator, Kirk Watson would have had to approve ANY appointment made by Gov. Perry. So, the longer you look at the facts of this case, and the prosecutorial history of the PIU, the more that this indictment looks like premeditated political retribution!
I'm giving a very strong recommendation for the movie "God's Not Dead." It's out on DVD now; and you can view it for a small fee via most cable providers. It should be widely distributed. Excellent performances and story line...4 1/2 stars!
What's to "investigate?" Jihadists kidnapped a journalist and then attempted to extort $millions from Mr. Foley's family in exchange for his safe return. No money changed hands, so the cowardly bunch of subhuman Islamists beheaded the man...and videotaped it for the world to see. Obama just can't seem to acknowledge the very grave danger that ISIS(L) poses to the U. S.
Mitt...you're a super-nice guy, business smart, and would have made a good president; BUT, you were very naive about the 2012 campaign. You underestimated your opponent by bringing a "knife" to a Chicago-style "gun" fight with an inept, pathological narcissist who bases his every move on political optics...and STILL HAS delusions of godhood.
"Premeditated Political Retribution" is the only way this felony indictment can be acurately categorized. The timing was calculated; and the manner in which it was reported by the press implied that Governor Perry tried to encourage/coerce DA Lehmberg to resign immediately after her DWI arrest, rather than almost 2 months after her guilty plea and her incarceration. Governor Perry violated absolutely no law by using his legislatively-granted line item veto power to remove bugetary funding in the hope that it would prompt Ms. Lehmberg to do the honorable thing and resign (or retire) in the best interests of Travis Co. and the State of Texas. But NO, Lehmberg, based on a complaint from a liberal activist group, CHOSE to pursue a special prosecutor and grand jury indictment against Governor Perry. The malicious prosecution will fail...because it is just another sleezy example of "Chicago-style" politics favored by these leftists. And just today, we learn that there was a Dem Party activist on the grand jury who's bragging about their indictment. Disgusting!
Simple, numbnuts! "Savagery" constitures the commission or the promotion of violence, especially against the innocent. A bloody coat hanger is false imagery. A picture of an aborted fetus is not "savage," it's REALITY; and reality is almost always stark and graphic.
Posted without any generalization, but you also might want to investigate the party affiliation of the mayors in the following cities: The 10 most dangerous cities in the U.S.: 10. Newburgh, NY……… 19.4 % white…...32 .96 % black….48.3 Latino 9. Oakland, CA ……….. 25.9 % white…...28 % black……...25.4% Latino 8. Chester, PA …………17.2 % white…...74.7 % black 7. Bessemer, AL ……… 28.93 % white…69.55 % black 6. Detroit, MI …………... 10.6 % white…...82.7 % black 5. Saginaw, MI ………... 43.5 % white…...46.1 % black 4. West Memphis, AR …42.16 % white.....55.93 % black 3. Camden, NJ …………17.59 % white….48.07 % black 2. Flint, MI …………….. ..37.4 % white…...56. 6 % black 1. East St. Louis, IL ……. ..1.23 % white…97.74 % black (the MOST dangerous!) [I'm not sure how a "murder capital" with very restrictive gun laws like Chicago avoided being on this list...but it's probably because the population of the city is so large.]
DeBlasio is a Marxist/socialist thru and thru. And they believe that our Constitution and the individual rights enumerated therein can be interpreted as they perceive them. They also believe that, just because of their position, they can unilaterally enact laws that infringe on individual rights of the general public. When pervasive political corruption, an overwhelming sense of entitlement (especially prevalent in the unions which have crippled many northern cities), an oppressive tax burden, failing schools, restrictions on individual rights, plus unmanageable deficits and debt are blended together, you create a prima facie case for why socialism NEVER works for long…only until you run out of other people’s money. Thomas Sowell said it most succinctly: “Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.”
"HAMAS" -- "Hiding Around Mosques and Schools"
Reid even refused to let those House-passed bills be debated. (Too much truth about the inherently-corrupt nature of the Democrat party would have been put on national display.
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