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Lockett & Load

Bob1893 Wrote: May 09, 2014 1:25 PM
In the past some were for and some were against it. Pope John Paul II was against it. The new pope, Pope Francis I is probably against it. You say it is not easy to be a Christian. You got that right. That is why so many people reject any kind of religion because it puts a crimp into their lifestyle.
Why hasn't the news media picked up on this? You know damn well Hannity on FOX would be all over this. Although it would explain some of the actions or inactions of the Obama administration.
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A Man of Sterling Character

Bob1893 Wrote: May 03, 2014 2:04 PM
Boycott his team hmm....wouldn't that be racist since 95% of them are black ;) Beyond that you are absolutely right.
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Competition For Thee, But Not for Me

Bob1893 Wrote: Apr 12, 2014 8:06 PM
Picking on a mans physical appearance is childish. Obviously he is a hell of a lot smarter then you are. He didn't get "Filthy Rich" wasting his time sitting in front of a computer belittling peoples looks. BTW He can always go to a Bunny ranch to have fun if that is what you mean by having fun, they are legal in Nevada. Don't kid yourselves, with his kind of money he can get bunnies you can only dream off.
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Shorter White House: Ignore Gates' Memoir

Bob1893 Wrote: Jan 08, 2014 8:02 PM
Well Snowden came out when it mattered. Look what it got him. At what specific point do you think Gates should have come out?
John McCain is not running for reelection, didn't you know that? This is his last term. What we see now is the real John McCain. Even so, he still would have been better than Obummer.
What makes you think Conservatives want to release druggies? It is Liberals that want to make pushing drugs a misdemeanor not a felony. It is Conservatives that want to throw the book at pushers and release and/or lighten sentences for users.
...a fake charge LOL. Drunk drivers kill about 30 000 people a year even though it is against the law to drive while inebriated. So you want to add drivers that are stoned out of their minds to drunk drivers killing more people on our highways? Who cares if another 10 000 are killed among them maybe your wife or children, right. BTW. What makes you think that druggies are going to be more law abiding then drunks?
Are you one of the people in California that wants to make pushing drugs a misdemeanor instead of a felony?
So why not post them again ericynot1? We are awaiting your jewels of wisdom with bated breath.
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Syrial Losers

Bob1893 Wrote: Sep 15, 2013 5:26 PM
...and why does that bother you?
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