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My wife and I took our very liberal niece out to the range and gave her some coaching with a .22 magnum revolver. She had never held a gun before much less fired one. She put 8 in the 10 ring from 21 ft. First try. Now she has a pink paper target, (yes pink, much easier to see the holes in the sunlight than white) hanging in her classroom. She tells her students to be careful as the target is proof they don't want to mess with her, (She teaches music so she may be safe.)
Pay up you wrinkled old fool before global warming toasts you entirely. HAH!
Hey Jenny, please report back on how the baby killing went. We are all interested. Ahem.
Well now we have proof that the new liar is the same as the old liar.
Hot and smart! What's not to like?
Stick to your singing Cyndi. (or learn to read)
Diversity as long as you are an unattractive woman with noticeable body hair and a special aroma. HEHE, okay now I feel bad.
One wonders if O'Donnell had endowed the hospital would he have turned an injured Koch away at the door.
Apology or not I'd still hit that thang..................
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