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Headline says he's awake. Put him to sleep for good.
What a condescending a**hole that last guy was.
Over before it started.
Compare the average college educated person vis-a-vis wages and standard of living with the average self-employed plumber, electrician, bricklayer, cosmetologist or roofing contractor and I bet you will find that the aforementioned have a much higher wage and benefit package. Of course a wage and benefit package to a self employed tradesman just means he gets to decide when to go fishing without having to ask for time off. Trade schools instead of college. Start earning a real living instead of still living in mom's basement wondering if you can get a job at Starbucks.
She's just confused with the difference between losing and giving head.
I bet she's glad her mom didn't flush her dismembered little body down a drain. Or not.
What about the unarmed white kid murdered by cop in Salt Lake City? Any plans to loot and burn? Just curious.
Maybe now you lefty journalists will stop calling this the religion of peace. I'm just saying. You know whose head they'll chop off next? The first American they meet. You are not immune no matter who you are or what you espouse. Think about it.
My wife and I took our very liberal niece out to the range and gave her some coaching with a .22 magnum revolver. She had never held a gun before much less fired one. She put 8 in the 10 ring from 21 ft. First try. Now she has a pink paper target, (yes pink, much easier to see the holes in the sunlight than white) hanging in her classroom. She tells her students to be careful as the target is proof they don't want to mess with her, (She teaches music so she may be safe.)
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