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It's a shame that the pretender in chief "feels perfectly safe." I wonder about the 101st Airborne.
Nothing to worry about folks. B.O. has it all covered. Just ax him.
So pay for all equal to yours Gwyneth? Thought so. Go back to sleep.
Still a class act.
Headline says he's awake. Put him to sleep for good.
What a condescending a**hole that last guy was.
Over before it started.
Compare the average college educated person vis-a-vis wages and standard of living with the average self-employed plumber, electrician, bricklayer, cosmetologist or roofing contractor and I bet you will find that the aforementioned have a much higher wage and benefit package. Of course a wage and benefit package to a self employed tradesman just means he gets to decide when to go fishing without having to ask for time off. Trade schools instead of college. Start earning a real living instead of still living in mom's basement wondering if you can get a job at Starbucks.
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