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Hot and smart! What's not to like?
Stick to your singing Cyndi. (or learn to read)
Diversity as long as you are an unattractive woman with noticeable body hair and a special aroma. HEHE, okay now I feel bad.
One wonders if O'Donnell had endowed the hospital would he have turned an injured Koch away at the door.
Apology or not I'd still hit that thang..................
Hey wait a dang minute I though that money ruled in politics these days. Cantor won easily according to the current meme coming from the Citizens United whiners.
I'm glad her mom didn't have her dismembered and sucked out of her womb. That would have been such a waste of a great person.
It's all about government control.
Sort of creepy commie but I'd still probably hit it.
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