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While I share the loathing that many below espouse, living in a neighboring state to NY, I wouldn't pay them a nickel they don't deserve. If I read this correctly, Redford owns no property, employs no people, or has no other holdings within the borders of the Kingdom of New York. They're not entitled to anything! All of that aside, Robt Redford is a liberal scumb@g of the highest order and I kind of enjoy him being taken to the cleaners.
Somehow I see this as "shooting yourself in the foot" or any other disadvantageous place! The GOP has got big problems if some of these folks get their way. We had best get used to socialist government because we're going to keep what we have.
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O'Reilly: Killing History

boats48 Wrote: Aug 01, 2014 11:17 AM
O'Reilly knows all that. That's why Krauthammer & Dennis Miller segments are scheduled near the end of the keep you watching!
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Martial Law and a Would Be King

boats48 Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 11:00 AM
Joanne, I've been spouting the same doctrine since the last election. Obama didn't win that election, he padded the polls in PA,OH, & FL. That gave him the win in the electoral college. He has divided the population by politics, religion & race. He has sjown a blatant disregard for the law, starting with the Constitution. (We actually have members of Congress {D} advocating repeal of it) Bringing in the illegals gives him more voters and yes, I believe that he will find some excuse to declare himself "President for Life!"
What's up with the anti Palin stuff? She isn't a candidate for current office or even considering such! Why the vitriol? My wife was giving me a ride to pick up my truck at the repair shop and encountered a radar trap (51 in a 35). The officer was nice enough to let her off, does that make her incompetent, stupid or lazy? Oh, she's a conservative too, does that change things? There are far too many more serious problems facing Americans today to have a group of biased paparazzi spreading their poison on the screen!
Once again, the French come to the forefront of anti-semitism. Who said history doesn't repeat itself? All they need now is for Germany to elect a Fascist dictator, start WWIII, and we're on our way! What is wrong with these people? Half of them don't believe in a higher power to start with, yet they are willing to exterminate those that do!
"RT style guide Rule 1: It is ALWAYS *Ukraine's fault (*add name as applicable)" That tweet is stolen from Obama's management handbook, page 1, first paragraph. We've listened to it for years now. It's (Bush's, Cheney's, the GOP, SCOTUS, Congress, etc) fault.
WHO CARES? Now that's a GOP statement! Before Hobby Lobby a woman could walk into a drug and purchase, at minimal cost, conctraceptive pills or devices. Now, absolutely nothing has changed. She can stil buy those same pills or devices, at probably lower cost, and not one has been banned for sale by the Fed. With the entire planet going to "hell in a handbasket" there are many more issues of grave concern other than does Mary get her pills or not!
Why sue? I guess BBQ chicken isn't to his liking either! My neighbor would have one less bird if it were me! What's the difference anyway, me or a cat?
Gotta do it! I'm no mathematician but that's a pretty far out graph showing 50% below average, that must mean the other 50% are geniuses! No?
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