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Same here! I live in a neighboring state and have had to pass through a couple times. I actually held a job upstate 30 years ago. Cannot stand the place, they should cut a ditch along the borders and let it drift out to sea.
Here's the problem with the redistribution of wealth meme! For something that's supposed to work like this: $$$RICH$$$ -> $POOR$, it ends up more like this: $$$$RICH$$$$ -> $$$GOV'T$$$ -> $POOR$ No Thanks!
It's Republicans' fault because they did field a strong enough candidate in the last election to win it. Therefore, everything this incompetent nincompoop does from now until January, 2017 is the Republican's fault.
I saw this last night live, pathetic. Glad to see Steve Hayes back. I was afraid he got dismissed with Kristol & Barnes,
You don't really believe that the "stupid that voted for these fascists" actually work for a living do you? If they weren't already on the Government dole we'd be talking about President Romney!
Behold the party of the future! The Tea Party! If 1/3 of 2/3 of one branch of our government can can accomplish everything they've been blamed for, then we really need to give them more authority. They're, obviously, more effective than either the Democrat or Republican Parties combined.
Two of the largest sharks (Bull Sharks) I've ever seen were in Guantanamo Bay! They were the size of VW's.
“Illegal guns drive violence. Military-type weapons, like the one we believe to have been used in this shooting, belong on a battlefield, not on a street or in a corner or in a park.” So let's make them all illegal, that ought to fix the problem! Obviously these criminals don't know who they're dealin' with here!
People with mental illness ARE NOT crazy? What kind of liberal hogwash is that? Even Cooper couldn't get his facts straight. This only proves the premise that "Liberalism" is, in itself is a mental disorder.
Man! Do have any idea what this story is going to do to the gun control folks? I think we should pass a law that you must pass a security check before you're allowed to steal a firearm. And have a security pass! .....Oh, wait!
One question: "Liability?"
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