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The welfare crowd elected this fool! I'm still not convinced he didn't have some outside help from the good mayor of Bridgeport, stuffing the ballot boxes. (But that's water under the bridge!) We MUST do better this time around!
Whoever gave Malloy the right to refer to anyone that disagrees with him using a "Left-Wing homosexual" phrase. Most of us, in fact a majority of us, are not homosexual and would punch the Governor in the nose (or worse) for saying as much!
Agreed! Just having this fool on the ballot is dangerous. The Democrat base has shown itself to be highly ignorant of their politicians' abilities. They stuffed the ballot boxes to get Bambi elected, they would do the same for Uncle Joe!
Yeah, just send $10 and we'll send you .......! How do think they're making their money fool?
It's Connecticut. If it's left wing, liberal, & nonsensical it flies!
I think you may have solved the problem. Sell him to ISIS!
Nah! Matza & Gefeltefish ought to be enough! Ever try that stuff?
It wouldn't be State mandated punishment but his choice! We should allow him to do it!
Let him starve! The faster this slimeball leaves this earth the better! The up side to this is that it would be slow & excruciating. Just what he deserves!
Tim Horton's mad an attempt at opening in the US a couple years back. Much better product than Dunkin'! Their coffee was better too! Dunkin's coffee is way over priced.
Taking bets on this "speech". More of the same ol', same ol' or something substantive that will motivate, inspire, and inform. Obama's hasn't exactly been knocking anyone over with his oratory prowess of late! We'll see!
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