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The Federal government should not be the deciding factor on this issue. It is a cultural issue, not a governmental one. The states should have the final word on this. The courts should be banned from overturning local plebicites on it as well. Again, this is a cultural & religious matter more than a legal one. The legal benefits ascribed to marriage can be offered through legislation without demeaning or degrading the primary foundation of the family.
We should raise the age of majority to 25. The younger set has continually demonstrated that they cannot make an intelligent decision at the ballot box. They vote on personality, popularity, conjecture, & rumor. Mitch McConnell is many things but a RINO he is not. John McCain? Taking out the minority leader of the Senate because he used common sense fighting Harry Reid is just plain stupid. You have to give the guy credit for standing up, day after day, against a criminal, lying, libelous, sniveling coward that currently leads our Senate.
Geraldo, like Bob Beckel, Alan Colmes, & Juan Williams are Fox rescues. After being canned by their previous employers, Fox picked them up to offer the opposing viewpoint. It's just that they are a little hard to take sometimes!
I don't understand what it would take to convince the warmers that they are misguided and wrong. It's proven fact that their data was fudged. There has been no, nada, zippo warming climate wise in the past 17 years. Only yesterday, Drudge ran The arctic Ice Cap is double it's size from 2 years ago. The Anarctic Cap has also increased in size. So instead of admitting error, they changed the name from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change". Basically all that adds up to is that they want to control the weather. So how's that for insane?
Here in deep blue Connecticut, the only conservatives left are us "Old Goats" who don't have the resources to pick up & go! Everyone else got out long ago.
Yup! Otis!
My ancestors arrived near Amesbury, MA in 1636. There wasn't one black person among them. There were, however, future family members on the shore to greet them. They moved North and settled what became, Somerset County, Maine. There were still no black people among them! In the early 19th century, a young Mohawk (Kanienkehake) teen joined the lineage as a result of the War of 1812. And others came from Germany (Prussia), France, and Austria. There were still no black people! These folks were not prejudiced or bigoted, they had no desire or need for impressed labor and knew, first hand, what it meant to do a "days work!"
Pershing was a tough guy, but I have to wonder how long George Patton would have lasted in today's Army.
While I share the loathing that many below espouse, living in a neighboring state to NY, I wouldn't pay them a nickel they don't deserve. If I read this correctly, Redford owns no property, employs no people, or has no other holdings within the borders of the Kingdom of New York. They're not entitled to anything! All of that aside, Robt Redford is a liberal scumb@g of the highest order and I kind of enjoy him being taken to the cleaners.
Somehow I see this as "shooting yourself in the foot" or any other disadvantageous place! The GOP has got big problems if some of these folks get their way. We had best get used to socialist government because we're going to keep what we have.
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O'Reilly: Killing History

boats48 Wrote: Aug 01, 2014 11:17 AM
O'Reilly knows all that. That's why Krauthammer & Dennis Miller segments are scheduled near the end of the keep you watching!
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