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After reading the conversation below I have to just interject tha Blumberg & DeBlasio share in this debacle immensely. $14 a pack for cigarettes? Are you serious? I quit smoking over 20 years ago, at the time I was smoking 3 packs/day. I couldn't handle the financial burden, smokes were $1.75/pack then, so I quit! $14, are you freakin' kidding me? What's the cost of posting revenue agents in North Carolina or New Hampshire? What sick SOB's!
The Communists have no love for the Nazis! It's a competition sort of thing!
The Communists have no love for the Nazis! It's a competition sort of thing!
I agree 100%! That has to be the dumbest statement ever published. The author is still going to maintain "presumptive racism" on Wilson's behalf. What a jerk! Pack up your liberal bags and go somewhere else to sell your trash!
Time to make the New York Times "the record of the past!" I, for one, will never buy another copy or read another article, on paper or internet, from them. If anyone has any sense at all, we should mount a boycott of the Times and its' affiliates to rival anything the left has put out to date!
Fortunately, for Wilson & the rest of us, Holder can't re-write the law. Only the Emperor Barack Hussein Obama II can do that. There aren't any facts in this case showing that Brown's civil rights were violated in any way.
Barack Obama NEVER intended to do anything with his presidency than to milk the cow. He and his minions have aquired vast wealth & fame in the past 6 years at the expense of the American people. Obama, in the meantime, has dined at the finest restaurants, played over 200 rounds of golf, and mingled with the Hollywood elite, while his wife has taken numerous taxpayer funded vacations. For those of you reading this that disagree, I offer this challenge! Name ONE area where the American people are better off today than they were six years ago!
How much longer is MSNBC going to stay on the air? The network serves no purpose and hardly anyone, except my brain addled brother-in-law, watches it!
Run, Ben, Run! Cannot think of anyone I would rather see in the White House more, at the moment. He would be an outstanding candidate and I simply can't wait to hear him debate the D's!
When do the feminists give up the ideology that they have the right to kill their unborn children or that those same unborn offspring are not human?
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A Tough Night At MSNBC

boats48 Wrote: Nov 06, 2014 6:02 AM
As far as Ann's comment on Rob Simmons in Connecticut, after Tuesday night it just may be time for Gerry Labriola, state GOP chairman, to step down. If the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over & over expecting a different result then that fits in CT. Fielding Tom Foley a second time was insane, not only did he not put up a very good campaign, the guy has no guts! He even allowed the incumbent Gov. to declare victory in the race before he, himself, offered to concede & let it go with "I probably lost anyway!" Now that's the guy I want as governor, right?
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