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Was the "axing" intentional?
What are you blabbering about? Gotta hand it to ya! Haven't heard this BS before.
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DeBlasio Punishes 1% in NYC Snow Storm

boats48 Wrote: Jan 22, 2014 5:01 PM
New York deserves what it got. 8 years down the road no one will recognize the place. And DeBlasio isn't punishing the 1%, he's just another incompetent jerk like the one we have in Washington.
Piers Morgan exemplifies the very reason we split with Britain. He has absolutely no basis for criticism as his own country had abandoned Benghazi months earlier. Why is he even on TV still?
Glaad is mad because someone pointed out that the deviant, demented, perverted lifestyle is sinful? Gays represent what proportion of our population? It seemed to me at the time that Robertson also included a lot of other folks in that "sinful" category and they're not upset. Live with it, GLAAD!
"..... and the hard economics of persuading businesses to advertise on local radio as part of the blame for disappearing liberal radio. " That's odd! Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, or Mark Levin have no problem finding sponsors for their shows, even when the left declares a boycott!
Panetta & Hagel are considered "military leaders?" God help us!
Yep! Reindeer fertilize a lot of greenery! Jesus? I don't know unless we're talking about the donkey he rode into town.
You should be so stupid! It would be a step up!
So, is he going back to South London now? The Brits deserve this jerk! Oh yeah, take Piers Morgan with you!
Yeah! I just can't wait for my cancellation notice on my employer sponsored group health plan! That will make me forget all about Barry, Nancy & Harry as I try to find a policy to cover two soon to retire people. Thanks a lot!
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