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Guess Stretch Pelosi had seance done so she could talk to the dead founders.This broad is not quite right mentally or evil whichever fits that DEMONcrat
Right on and the Mullah in upstate New York who also paid for this Frauds Columbia never attend degree
A bunch of clue less Demoncrats plus a clue less Fraud in WH ,what do you really expect.All you will ever get is LIES,LIES,LIES because they are too evil and in contempt of America and its people
Betcha this Fraud is hitting the pipe.Can't be sober and make a statement like that,stooners can because they do NOT see reality
The Chicago Thugs at work here and the brain dead oblivious
That's what Obama wants to throw away the tax payers money too,his donors and other flunkies in the industry
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The New York Times: America Sucks

bnygren50 Wrote: Oct 15, 2013 11:28 AM
If it is so bad take your SLIME paper and move to a Commie country.Maybe you get some readers then
They need The Court Jester to "lighten up" the charade
The cancer called Demoncrats at work with their other cancer Unions
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