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Al-Qaida Franchises Continue Terror War on the World

bnygren50 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 9:08 AM
WSell,Obamas contingency operations and The Muslim Brotherhood in WH and DHS the Al caida has a free rein .Watch it we will be overrun by Islam too very soon,thanks to the Muslim Resident
Four years ago, as his first term began, President Barack Obama ditched the name Global War on Terror (GWOT). Instead of fighting Al-Qaida-inspired terrorism around the world, the U.S. would conduct "overseas contingency operations" (OCO).

Obama's act of oratorical magic -- poof, the global war has ended -- became an awkward problem, however. Real world events subsequently demonstrated that the word "overseas" was at best misleading, if not outright wrong. Detroit, New York and Portland, Ore., certainly aren't overseas, yet militant Islamist-inspired terrorists tried (and fortunately failed) to bomb all three -- Detroit on Christmas 2009, New York's Times Square in...