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5,200 Milwaukee Teachers Took 92,691 Days Off Last Year and Other Shocking Facts from Its Union Contract

bnolsen Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 12:44 PM
You actually have a pension? That's something totally unheard of in private industry today. My "pension" was something forced on me through social security, something I will never see in my life. I'm responsible for taking care of my own retirement by putting money in IRAs, etc. is releasing a series of stunning reports to show taxpayers exactly how our dollars are being spent in government schools.  We repeatedly hear from the education establishment that school coffers are being raided, requiring teachers to be laid off and programs to be cut.  We hear schools are on the brink of bankruptcy and are operating on shoe-string budgets.

But local media outlets have long been derelict in telling citizens how the billions of K-12 dollars are really being spent.  How can taxpayers determine if schools actually do need more money if no...