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You have got to be kidding , obama has not told the truth since taking his first breath and looked up and said Da Da and hilery would not know the truth if it hit her in the face and the way she looks , I don't know if it was the truth or what but something has really worked on her
Those over paid over pensioned and over vacationed idiots do not read the bills they vote on , so they sure as heck are not going to read emails unless it has a big donation attached to it . Who are you kidding
a1phonsejones How the heck did you get so far out in left field , you have not commented on anything Michelle has covered . That is one thing I have noticed about you don't read or listen , you just run your mouth about anything loud and long scared to death that if you listen or read you might learn something and face the truth . That would be awful , a liberal that knows something , anything !!!
If people could make honest money like that everyone would be doing it . The truth is only scamers can do it and they know two things , it's almost impossible to get caught and there is a fool born every minute.
That cozing by A Ks goes on in all business union or not and the upper idiots love it till the lower A K reaches around him, her and starts stabing them to the higher idiot that got there the same way. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND
These people that are so thrilled about a raise in the minimum wage don't have enough sense to know that we (they) are the ones who will pay for it with higher prices .
I will vote for that .
this is why we need to check on teachers and all leaders and fire them when they get out of line .
Saying that makes you right on , teachers and principles are people children should be able to look up to . That school board and principal should be fired , I wouldn't want my dog around them , and I sure as heck would not want any children around them .
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