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Oh no! Mike is part of the War on Christmas! They want to take away our constitutional right to celebrate jesus' birth for six months a year!
I would disagree with this article somewhat (not the part about how democrats love muslims, that is obvious) but Dawkins is very consistent with his criticism. I would recommend the documentary 'root of all evil' as evidence of this. The cover features a picture of the Twin Towers (still standing) and the caption 'imagine no religion'. Obviously, he goes after christians in the movie as well, but the climax of the film is all about Islam.
I enjoyed this post, way to see the silver lining. Although I don't know if Whole Foods can afford to pay their workers 'living wages' either. Maybe Obama will subsidize them :)
And mainstream republicans are now officially on the same side Putin. Not that I'm suprised. Best wishes to Snowden, the last great American hero.
Who's stronger than Perry in 2016? I have three names for you, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and... there's a third one, I forget. Oops.
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Civil Libertarians' Hypocrisy

bmoney Wrote: Jul 11, 2013 3:48 PM
This is a good article, but I'm a little confused about the title. Is a 'civil libertarian' a democrat? Because I don't know of any Libertarians that support either Obamacare or the IRS in general. So who are these hypocrites you speak of? If you're talking about democrats, yeah, duh they're hypocrites.
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FOMC Minutes: Confused Yet?

bmoney Wrote: Jul 11, 2013 2:07 PM
Confused about Fed policy? You shouldn't be. QE will not end, because QE cannot end. Even the suggestion that the Fed might 'taper', let alone end or ultimately exit QE will completely destroy the phony recovery. Hold on to your hats folks, sh1ts going down!
Lesson learned Southerners: don't lose next time.
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Signing Off -- For Now

bmoney Wrote: Jun 25, 2013 4:06 PM
At least this toolbag isn't president. He'd be just as bad as Obama, only he'd be giving conservatives a bad name.
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