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The Republicans' Primary Problem

bmitchell671 Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 11:04 PM
For liberals, It does seem ttp all come down to glee over aborted fetuses and pleasuring each other sphnicters. I will stay a conservative thank you....degeneracy looks better on a liberal.
rlapatak Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 11:16 PM
...i understand that most Catholic Priests are you have to adjust the sphnicters....
Scott4616 Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 11:29 PM
rlapatak wrote: "...i understand that most Catholic Priests are you have to adjust the sphnicters...."


Is that really what you "understand", or are you just a filthy Democrat making a typical unfounded assertion?

Cite your source or crawl away in shame.
restoreliberty Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 12:34 AM
Most Catholics, despite what you want to believe, are anything but conservative and haven't been in a few hundred years.

Having just lost an election, many Republicans are anxious to remake our party in the image of Democrats. The theory seems to be that whatever we're doing isn't working, so we better change everything.

But in fact, whatever Republicans did in 2012 -- other than an overly long primary fight -- worked amazingly well, given the circumstances.

In a detailed analysis of the 2012 election, William A. Galston, a fellow with the liberal Brookings Institution, makes a number of fascinating observations that Republicans would do well to consider before embracing amnesty, abortion, gay marriage and Beyonce.

In my...