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Friday Fun: Secret Santa Handing Out Cash to Sandy Victims

bmitchell671 Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 12:03 AM
most of the victim of Sandy and white and that does not make great TV or a story line the race baiting media likes...but if Sandy strictly landed on Newark - then Obama could fly in and save the day from the racist global warming deniers who, mostly white, steered the storm right into the path of Black people. Now that's a story!

A very generous Secret Santa is giving out $100 bills to Hurricane Sandy victims who are still suffering from the damage of the storm which occured weeks ago. If you aren't in the Christmas spirit yet, this will help get you there.

A Missouri man posing as "Secret Santa" is giving away $100,000 this holiday season and spent a day in New Jersey and New York giving money to people robbed of their belongings or homes by Superstorm Sandy.

But the Kansas City businessman says money is not the issue. It's about random acts...