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Gambling in Casablanca! - I'm shocked, shocked!
Jay Z mentioned that to him on his trip back from Cuba.
well skipster...Reagan was a democrat when those democrats today would be considered republicans today like JFK. Todays democrats are subversive, seditious, radical Marxist deviants, degenerates and miscreants...I suppose like yoursself
It is clear the Pro Abortion crowd have made a faustian deal. I wonder what this doctor got for his soul? nationals tickets? hot women? a Ferrari?
I am pro choice for democrats. The less future voters for hope and change and liberal leftist policies and welfare recipients the better
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Why Is There a Hookup Culture?

bmitchell671 Wrote: Apr 30, 2013 11:09 AM
...and this is why becoming a Lesbian is now a choice for many women. A women can get sex but also have an emotional equal and not have to pick up socks, adjust the toilet seat and clean dirty dishes in the sink . Thus the slogan a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. Thank a liberal for the upside down world we live in now. The road to our absolute liberal and leftist hell is paved with good intentions.
Both Jews and Black are Leftists today - that is the unifying element. Leftism is the most powerful religion of the last 100 years.
the New Zealand embassy let me know that since I feel I have a right to citizenship there - it's done...come on down mate!
i'm not equating I am being sarcastic - just build the fence already. geez
Mr. Gorbachev..... build up this wall! (and the sooner the better please)
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