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Food for Future Democrats - that's the real name of the program
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Hillary Clinton's Big Benghazi Lie

bmitchell671 Wrote: May 08, 2013 11:02 PM
Once again it is white Christian male NRA members that are the enemy - this story just deflects from that narrative. Now let's repeat it again....White...
Yes it is right there next to "Ye hath the right to aborteth thou fetus if thouest thinksit unfit and methinks it is also divinely inspired for all men to possesth the card of the EBT"
Calling a Hispanic a bully is being a racist
"General Custer needs reinforcements sir!" "that show off is always complaining about Indian attacks - don't worry about it? what difference does it make?"
this from a cretin who got his marching orders from Iron Butterfly's In Da Gadda Da Vida. Please cancer, find his Colon...Amen
...but Sen. Richardson is known in New Mexico as Chief Laughing Stock
Barbara Eden was the last hot representation of Islam
Always a leftist atheist Jew who has abandoned the torah of Judaism and now embraces the torah of leftism. this ingrate fails to realize that the next pogram will not come from a Christian American where malcontents like him have been safe but from Islam where they salivate to give a Mikey Weinstein the Daniel Pearl haircut.
Gambling in Casablanca! - I'm shocked, shocked!
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