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That's because in the liberal mindset, they are ALWAYS victims.
Plus they hired a firm that Canada fired.
No, not all. Better: Liberals deserve what they get.
Like you, I don't want to hear their whining. They bought this pig. Now it's theirs to keep.
It angers me that these Libs say that they were all for Obamacare until they realized that they had to pay for it. In other words they were all for it as long as someone else (like me) was paying for it. This really ticks me off! Also, who did these geniuses think was going to pay for it?
Add my flag to yours.
I think that's his point. People are ignorant. Even if he should have had to explain "Orwellian", should he have had to explain "Nazi Germany", or "Police State"?
Did you forget "Cash for Clunkers"?
Someone's got to take a stand somewhere. That's what Ted Cruz is doing.
What a childish, spiteful ploy by O. The word "jerk", used in this story, fits very well.
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