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We spend money to protect politicians-with guns. We spend money to protect money in transit-with guns. We spend NO money protecting children in a school building.
Define "assault weapon". The definition exists in Federal law. Been regulated since 1934. How many legally possessed firearms has she encountered that were used in an illegal manner?
Police have no obligation to protect individuals; they exist to protect the State. Been argued; that's the decision.
"[...] ideological purity that satisfies back country rubes [...]" Your behavior suggests you are a democrat. Why are you complaining? You won.
It's laughable that any Republican would think they can be re-elected. Some will, of course, but it will a long time, if it ever happens, before they can feel any degree of confidence. They have too many enemies. They've made enemies of their base, many of whom are walking away from politics at any level simply because they understand there is no point in pursuing resolution to the Country's or society's problems as long as unprincipled politicians inhabit public offices. The Communists won, Republicans. You ensured their victory. Now be honest enough to admit you never cared as long as you got yours. We know.
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