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Let American Oil Be Free

Blunten_Sharpe Wrote: Apr 07, 2014 9:11 PM
I agree. We have a glut, but our price of gas is not going down.
10-4. The constitution was written with the rights of the individual in mind. If these rights are measured in money, which seems to be the case today, then everyone of modest or lesser means (the majority really) is essentially reduced in influence.
Good tip, looked at Amazon it's got good reviews mainly. Not sure what relevance you attach to it in the context of my comment.
@psydoc What I am saying is that the interests behind, and the true beneficiaries of, the SCOTUS decision are unquestionably NOT those who cannot afford to make large political donations. The SCOTUS and the single-digit percenters have just told the rest of us to sit back, shut-up, and take whatever the establishment politicians and their wealthy donors offer. Those who cannot afford to make large political donations are reduced to futile exercise of their First Amendment right, as evidenced here. Exercising a toothless right is like having no right at all. It's like asking the price of an item you know you can't afford.
Straw poll: I'm curious if anybody commenting here can afford to make the kind of large wholesale political donations that the SCOTUS decision has facilitated? I bet my hind that the people who can afford to donate tens, hundreds of thousands, or millions to politics are not bickering here online. That being the case, you are all a sad spectacle: shut out of the process and made to bicker with each other over what is left, right, conservative, progressive, constitutional, unconstitutional...in other words helpless and powerless regardless of your persuasion.
No matter what, government must be bashed, right? (BTW: the government is we the people, it's our elected representatives that suck), but when things go wrong for big business, their hand is out to government real fast, isn't it? Mindless drivel writing. And ten bundles of wire? One infrastructure is typically rented at wholesale prices to any number of retail providers. Get an education.
Townhall's running out of contemporary blather. Why else recycle 6 year old articles?
Yeah, and 3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the population, and if you cut off one of my legs I will walk half as far.
ex-New Orleans...? So what's it called now? Where are the editor-in chiefs?
Damn the min wage. Just lower the prices.
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