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In Obamas book he praises his fathers service in WWII, WTF. Barry was born in 61 when his dad was 25, with a little not so fuzzy math, that put barrys dad at the age of 3 thru 9 years old. This guy is a pathalogical liar.
Obamas new slogan is FORWARD- this is the platform slogan used a century ago by socialist, LENIN,STALIN and all the european sosialist parties. Google it up folks. I can't get any libs to check it out. The Prez is a stalinist.
If a 83 year old woman can get to a romney event to protest, then i doubt disinfranchising voters is a real concern. It is the 21st century, no one is disinfranchised in this modern era.
Libs live in a warm and fuzzy candycoated world, void of any reality,causing knee jerk reactions. If they had any integrity they would have voted anyway even knowing they would lose. ZERO INTEGRITY from the racist liberals.
Put a gun in this mans hand and he would defend Americans. Put a gun in a liberals hand and they would soil themselves.
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DHS to Border Patrol: Run Away

blueswithafeeling Wrote: Jul 01, 2012 5:01 PM
Before you know it,we will be throwing glitter at them.
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