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Paul Ryan Is Not Freddy Krueger

Blue Pill Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 4:35 PM
In politics, money is power. If we get someone in office who's serious about cutting the federal budget, then that's a huge threat to the Big Government Statists' power. They are going to fight tooth and nail to hold onto that power. It's gonna get very ugly before November.

Mitt Romney made a smart executive decision selecting Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. Ryan's genial personality, serious policy wonkery and political courage have dazzled conservatives and won respect even in a few liberal circles. Romney scores points for political courage as well. He knew liberal politicians and journalists would talk in punishing terms about Ryan's budget ideas.

They did not disappoint. It took only minutes for the onslaught to begin. At the same time liberal media outlets acknowledge the country now faces two opposing visions of government, why is only the Romney-Ryan vision "polarizing" and "extreme"?