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Is Healthcare A Right?

bluenote Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 11:38 PM
Mounting logic and evidence show how the GOP and conservatives have distorted the American Promise in a few easy phrases like "pro-growth policies." Connected to no evidence and dangled from twisted logic, GOP fallacies are widespread. For example, the religious right talks of "feel good" ethics, ignoring direct teachings that contradict their distortions of faith. The right sees the most well-known words in Christianity, the beatitudes, as noblesse obilige, an attitude of mercy that affirms their pity and contempt. But these words redefine the promise and potential of a community scorned and diminished.

Often when someone nears the end of life, they begin to contemplate their lives and recognize that of all the things they've accumulated, all the accolades that have been bestowed upon them, nothing is as valuable as life itself: there is nothing that should be protected more than life itself. But if it's the most valuable thing we possess, whose responsibility is it to protect it? Is it the responsibility of the individual that possesses it? Is it the responsibility of the society in which that individual is a constituent? The answer most likely lies somewhere between those two choices.