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Don't feed the trolls, or they will grow
Seriously? People are about to lose their unemployment benefits, others can't find full time work, and this is what our leader has on his mind?
"everybody in, nobody out" should include ALL members of Congress. THEN the problems would get fixed.
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12 Unspoken Rules For Being A Liberal

bluejacket Wrote: Aug 31, 2013 1:27 PM
Interesting accusation jayT, that I've heard before, and your handlers keep programing you with. Perhaps if you provide a link, or an example, (or some proof) rather than an accusation, then YOU would learn that the libs you are following, are lying to YOU.
I can equal that, I'm 56, I work with two students, one's 22, the other's 24 I work circles around both of them. (Acutally, I don't think they're unable, but unwilling) When I send them out of my sight to complete a task, I discover the reason they take so long is because of instead of doing what they're supposed to, they're playing with their smart phones.
Forget the fair rate of return, (interest) I'll would want it adjusted for inflation at todays rates, or, in it's original rate, but paid in coin silver.
When Social Security was first set up, the gov't did not expect many to live long enough to collect. So initially, it was set up so the gov't could keep it. (a new, hidden tax)
I as well, offered to pay my own retirement, IF the gov't would quit "stealing" (taking by force) my SSI deductions, they refused to quit stealing, and are now obligated to pay my retirement.
Corndog, you can add to your list, "until the race hustlers, leftist media, AND liberals die off"
....and then send them to public schools were the government teaches them everything opposite of what you mentioned.
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