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Blindsided: Peace for Israel?

blueeyes Wrote: Apr 08, 2012 1:41 PM
show me where you have compromise, tolerance and respect anywhere in the world, in any country. u.s.a.? think Nadal. sandinavia? England? France? the moslems do not compromise, they will not accept anyone anywhere especially in Israel. so your solution is no solution. the moslem will not ever leave Israel alone to live in peace, Israel will be forever in a defensive position and will live in fear forever. too bad, for Israel and for the World.

In my post, Blindsided: 9/11 Was the Rule, Not the Exception, I explained how 9/11 woke up America to the reality of Islamic fanaticism. Because of ignorance to Islam’s history and grievance culture, its violent nature blindsided us.

Today, that same naivety is playing out before a looming armed conflict between Israel and Iran. Ignorance is especially strong among the professional punditry, who aim to shape US public opinion.

Since its covert nuclear program was exposed in 2002, Iran has danced around the international community, always professing its peaceful intentions. But many observers have suspected otherwise.

Threats against Israel made...