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Already are. Rodeo clowns in Missouri will now have to prove completion of "diversity courses" to work at a rodeo.
Apparently morality only matters if you are a black conservative (read: Herman Cain) and his alleged transgressions were never backed proven.
There is a meme circulating the social media that accuses House Republicans of voting to eliminate overtime pay for hourly wage employees. Liberals can be so dense sometimes.
"Meyer, a former spokesman and public relations officer for Young America’s Foundation and American Majority Action,"
Even if you use the 750,000,000 million round figure that the procurement officer cites, you would still have to add an additional 20,000 armed DHS agents.
In response to:

Man Defends His Life With an AR-15

BlueDevil06 Wrote: Apr 23, 2013 6:46 PM
I'd rather a Tavor, an equal light weight rifle, that accepts AR-15 magazines, but comes in a nice compact Bullpup package. :)
The apology was directed towards the wrong person. Apparently she apologized to Paul, not Cruz. She doesn't even know her fellow Senators when they are directly talking to her.
If Republicans would develop the basic talking point that social conservative issues are a state issue, they would do so much better. Its simple, "Senate Candidate X, what's your views on abortion." "Well lamestream media who is trying to force a gaffe that you can exploit, I have my personal views on abortion, but this country was founded on the principal of federalism. I do not believe that abortion is an issue to be handled at the federal level. That is for the states to decide individual and for citizens to decide which state to live in that best meets their needs and reflects their values." Just like that the issue is off the table.
Not a damn thing, that's the problem.
The Supreme Court has ruled that governments and law enforcement agencies do not have a duty to protect you. Their role is to take reports after an incident, investigate any crimes, and make any arrests if there is enough evidence. It is your duty to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Oh good, the IWI Tavor that I just ordered is not on the list. Does not mean I won't still fight against this un-Constitutional power grab. And that is exactly what is happening here. It is a power grab with the politicians trying to take power from the people and giving it to them.
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