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That he was going to fundamentally transform America.
I consider myself a fairly conservative Jew, and this angers me. The cadet leader's use of the bible verse on a white board does not interfere with my free exercise of my religion. The cadet leader is not trying to convert anyone, he is not denigrating the religion of any one else. I am so tired of the PC police cracking down on Christians saying that other religions were offended, because then I get lumped into the other religions category when it doesn't offend me. Now you erase a verse from the Koran that a Muslim cadet writes on their whiteboard and try to tell me that CAIR and the Nation of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood, and 0bama wouldn't be up in arms.
I have a friend who is politically, almost exactly like me, as far as issue by issue views. The biggest difference is when she has to vote the lesser of two evils, she votes Democrat, I vote Republican. The issues she disagrees with the Republicans on are the social issues. For her that's a big deal. She likes me just wants a smaller government that will not continue to try and run our lives. If the Republicans would adopt a policy that social issues are state issues, they would be able to capture a major larger share of the youth vote in Congressional and US Senate races.
Less an issue of his birth place and more a question about how he classified himself. Was he classified as a foreign student during college?
I'm Jewish and I will tell you that it's a freaking Christmas Tree.
And the last time we raised the minimum wage the economy collapsed. Don't believe me? Look at the timeline from the summer of 2007. Look at when Bush signed the minimum wage increase that was passed by the Democratic controlled Congress. Then look at when it was in 2007 that the stock market began faltering.
Aren't there teams on Native Indian reservations that use the name Redskins? Clearly it's only offensive to the PC crowd, and we all know they got offended by their own shadows mocking them.
I thought Obama said you can't get 100% of what you want. The Republicans did not get the complete defunding that they wanted to so they are moving to delay the implementation. Based on the news that keeps coming out day after day after day that the exchanges will not be anywhere near ready when they are supposed to go online in 3 days, it sounds like a delay is logical. But no, Obama has to get what he wants, 100% of what he wants. Maybe he should take his own advice. Or maybe the Republicans should finally wake up and realize that this man occupying the Oval Office, has no intentions of negotiating (unless its with our enemies, i.e. Iran) and finally start doing what is right by this country and the people of this country.
She has to pay for cable TV? I didn't know cable TV was a necessity to live. You want to know why you can't get to 40 hours? Go ask 0bama about his 0bamacare. The problem here is you got pregnant prior to 21 while unwed and are dating a guy who sits at home with no job. If you do not think you are being paid enough based on the skills you have and the work experience you have. Go try to find another job that is willing to pay you more. If no other company is willing to pay you more, then you do not have the free market capital to necessitate being compensated more at this present moment. It's not rocket science, it's simple economics.
Already are. Rodeo clowns in Missouri will now have to prove completion of "diversity courses" to work at a rodeo.
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