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And Bill Maher? And the PMS bovine? Oh, Lord, how the other half lives and dies.
In your dreams, just like the one Barack got from his papa. Jon Stewart blows.
Which American? You don't mean the unions from the 1930's inspired by Trotsky and Lenin? Oh, you mean the brow-beating fools who extort money from people who have right to work??? Hello, MicK?
This is what is has sunk to for team Barack I just had to see it for myself. Watch out, Tagg, O' Donnell's plastic head might cut you. Don't get puke on you.
I came to hear Rudy. He's wasting his words on this bunch. They are already doomed to obscurity.
The Gong Show, anyone?
And you are voting? Please get lost on your way to the polls. Yes, I mean literally. "old piece of paper". You are a true "Demonrat."
Why do the Republicans agree to this BS? The craven Barack won't appear on Fox, yet our lily-liver candidates acquiesce to PBS, C"BS", CNN, what?, and ABC. The pukes at these network have their noses, we know where, don't we. Time to bypass the plastic-heads and use the new media where the informed voters are.
Absolutely pathetic. When they coined the term "lapdog," they had the quintessential "plastic-headed puke" of our time. Katie Cure-ack. Oh, wait a minute; there is Barbara "Madame Marshmallow" Walters. It's a tie.
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Ann Coulter on "The View"

BluebudWolves Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 5:22 PM
Here is a lesson for us all. Ann asserts specifics, names, details to buttress her arguments. Whoopi and the others including Madame Marshmallow are pure buttheads who have drunk the commie bilge for years.
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