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Secretary Kerry’s “Stupid” Defense of Religious Liberty

Bluebonnet Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 8:58 AM
We have so many people in our government who are not qualified and shouldn't be in those positions. Kerry tried to cheat on paying taxes on his yacht untll he was caught. Qualifications? Look at what the Senate just did with other unqualified nominees for these front positions. Question: Kerry announced 60 million to the rebels in Syria. Who gets this money and how will it be spent? Who else is providing money to these rebels, whomever they are? Into whoses pockets does our hard earned money go? We are here talking about money we don't have and we come up with such as this? We weren't succesful in Libya nor in Egypt, yet we still pour our money in to the Muslim Brotherhood. Talk about stupid!

Editors Note: This column was coauthored by Bob Morrison

Secretary of State John Kerry was barely off the plane in Germany before he embarrassed himself—and all of us—with what is perhaps the worst defense of religious freedom ever offered. Kerry, the unsuccessful Democratic candidate for president in 2004, said the United States protects religious freedom because: “In America , you have a right to be stupid.”

Sec. Kerry’s audience of German students laughed when he said that. He missed, of course, the perfect opportunity to share our deepest values with the rising generation that will have Europe ’s future in...