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Obama’s Deadly Plan for the Death Tax

Bluebonnet Wrote: Dec 30, 2012 9:02 AM
We live in an ever increasing evil world. Corruption at any level is evil, and seen at the highest levels. We see it, yet we seem powerless and unwilling to do anything at all about it. We, instead, give away our rights as a free people to those in power. As to the lies about Mitt Romney, those in politics and in the media who pushed this lie are evil people. There is no question about it being malicious intent to destroy Romney in the eyes of those who choose to be uninformed and who remain ignorant. Remaining uninformed and ignorant is a form of evil. Evil survives when good people choose to do nothing. BTW, Obamacare will be a death warrant for many. Is cuasitive death evil?
eric 1167 Wrote: Dec 30, 2012 8:23 PM
I think republicans are missinformed and democrats are uninformed . Republicans come across to me as being a little too greedy and of course the democrats specialise in becoming a little to needy . I favor the republicans becuase at least it represents a minor accomplishment . To become needy represents no accomplishment at all . Anyone can do it with out even trying , it often happends to the most carefull and diligent managers too . No one is rich that doesnt want to be . while believe it or not most people that are poor don't want to be . A person might find this statement hard to believe if you have ever been to a casino . Here we see people trying to make money by betting against the odds . This is not a good way to get rich . I
eric 1167 Wrote: Dec 30, 2012 8:45 PM
most poor people specialize in doing what they want to while rich people are doing what other people want them to do . I know this sounds very much the same , but it is easier to get paid the rich mans way . A lot of poor people have never even tried to get rich , they have never once even thought of not spending evreything they can evrey chance they get.. This idea of accumilating money has not occured to them . I have heard these people say that people that save money are selfish and greedy . I have often thought that the people that quickly spend evrything may also be greedy even more greedy and selfish than the savers .The spenders often insinuate if they had any money they sure would loan it to you when you need help . But of course

In some ways, it would be fun to be a leftist.

No, I’m not talking about living a life of idleness and letting others pay my bills, though I suppose that’s tempting to some people.

And I’m not talking about becoming a Washington insider and using corrupt connections to obtain unearned wealth, though I confess I’m actually friends with some of those people.

Instead, I’m talking about what it must be like to engage in reckless demagoguery and personal smears.

Remember during the presidential campaign when Mitt Romney was – for all...