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General Services Administration: Let the Taxpayers Eat Cake

Bluebonnet Wrote: Apr 07, 2012 8:25 AM
This is basic theft. Corruption is all throughout government and related entities. There is no oversight and crimes by well-connected money grubbers almost always is swept under the rug. Robbing the people of their money and property is the norm, not only within the federal government, but also at the state and local levels. The people are out to lunch. It is NOT okay to steal, abuse, misuse, waste, and otherwise plunder the citizens of their hard earned income or to confiscate private property. So, they make unconstitutional laws to steal taxpayer money. Those "in charge" have sucked the life out of this country to the tune of trillions of dollars we can NEVER repay without a life time of misery for all.

The head of the General Services Administration, which is the federal government’s procurement and property manager, has resigned in the wake of a report from the agency’s inspector general that uncovered extravagant spending at a GSA “training conference” in Las Vegas.

Here’s the Washington Post’s summary of festivities:

Among the “excessive, wasteful and in some cases impermissible” spending the inspector general documented: $5,600 for three semi-private catered in-room parties and $44...

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