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Another Ebola Risk: It Eats Logic

Bluebonnet Wrote: Oct 11, 2014 3:57 PM
Quarantine/isolation is a Biblical solution for stopping infectious diseases from spreading. I am sure the affected countries would be agreeable to such a nation wide quarantine, with help which they are receiving, in hopes of stopping this killer disease from infecting the whole world. It is the smartest approach to a dangerous situation.
Obamacare IS unconstitutional, and always has been. It is a destructive mechanism to bring about complete control over the population by the government, essentially taking away our rights under the Constitution and destroying the best health care delivery system in the world. Add to this the fact the U.S. is financially broke, Obamacare becomes an issue about money. Who wins, who loses. It all is an insurmountable equation of failure and rationed health care to those deemed worthy by the government. Make no mistake about it.
The GOP had better get our front with a good message. Too many sat out the last election. Nothing is certain either way, and NO seat is a safe seat. Poll watchers and counters at every precinct are needed.
Our government has become a cash cow for themselves, flagrantly misusing our hard earned tax money. We have an unrecoverable National Debt of 18 trillion and a Deficit of over 1 trillion. Raising taxes to support more inventive waste, making rules to shut down our vital resources, is not a formula for recovery, if recovery is possible at this point for survival and restoration of our economy. The cow is dry and independent family owned farms are soon to be a thing of the past.
It may be a good idea to check their investments, such as in windmills and alternate energy sources being promoted by this crowd. This could prove very revealing!
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American Oil and Gas Needed a Voice

Bluebonnet Wrote: Oct 03, 2014 3:36 AM
The survival of America depends upon our natural resources of oil, gas and coal to ignite our economic well-being and turn this nation around with energy independency and jobs. We have given away most of our manufacturing base that supported blue collar workers and put them into menial jobs or on welfare. If a man cannot work to support himself, he is reduced to nothing. One can manipulate figures, but, in the end, people will begin to see the economic devastation the radical left has brought upon the U.S.A. This nation has been hi-hacked by the ideologues and corruptive forces who have no respect for America. They spend and waste our treasury through fraudulent means. We can't continue stealing our own future.
So, how much money did Willie Nelson make from this performance? There's always an angle with somebody! We need to stop the EPA from their dangerous rampage across this nation. Their song is getting old!
Close the borders and stop illegal aliens from entering this country with communicable diseases and ulterior motives of welfare support. There is total disregard for the well-being and welfare of the citizenry. Where is the government planning to get the trillions of dollars they carelessly spend and waste? By taking it however they scheme it through. And, no, the economy isn't getting better.
Only Democrats voted for Obamacare. They wrote the Bill. They own it! Obamacare is clearly an anti-god piece of legislation. Now, they want to lie about it. The Bill will limit health care for those over 75, an age limit that will probably drop to age 62 because they have squandered our Social Security CASH PAID IN money and would rather not have to pay any of that out. There is always a sinister plan working against the people's purse and well-being. People need to wake up!
No other god/God has ever made such an offer of salvation, or ever could, because there is only One true God, Almighty Creator. John 3:16-18. It's a free gift for those who believe and freely come to accept the terms of salvation. Scripture tells us in Matthew 24 the whole world will know of Jesus and have the same opportunity for salvation to become a believer and follower of Christ. Redemption is a personal choice. So, too, is rejection. The offer of eternal life with the Father in Heaven is open to everyone.
This is why liberals should not be in charge of anything!
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