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Key words here, "The White House Did not Want."
Robotic technology is nothing more than replacement for human activity. Eventually, there would be no need for humans. We see this even today with robotics in the work place and millions without jobs unable to care for themselves. Instant everything destroys the ability to function in a normal way. There is always something unknown behind the door of new technology that leads to self destruction. Life is short lived. There are no do overs. Slow down and be able to smell the roses less they lose their scent.
Sounds like an ISIS motto.
Ebola originated from the fruit bat. The only way to defeat Ebola is to let it die out in an isolated area. Bringing any diseased person here runs the risk of contaminating the entire population. There is no known cure but to isolate the infected area to keep the disease from spreading. The fact that Obama does not consult Congress proves he is arrogant and derelict in his duties and such a move must be stopped. Helloooo!
All "out of State" money should be eliminated from all political campaigns, but Congress refuses to make that law. If one can't win the people's vote without outside money and disingenuous attack ads, then they should not run for public office. As for Bill Clinton, both he and Hillary have amassed a fortune in obscene money. He certainly is not one to speak about campaign donations, or anything else for that matter. He needs to get off the stage! His credibility was lost long ago.
Obama's middle east policy, whatever it really is, favors Muslims, not Israel. His U.S. policy appears to be destructive to our well-being. We have but to look at the ideology and actions of his Czars and political appointees. One thing for sure, the U.S. does not have Israel's back, and does not have enough sense to protect our own borders from alien invasion. I would say the U.S. is highly vulnerable to attack from just about anybody interested in our demise, both from within and without. And, no one is moving to stop any of the destructive action under Obama's rule and new found "rule makers" who seek to cripple our well-being. We will wake up one morning and wonder what happened. Take heed, get prepared for the inevitable.
Banning swing sets? Might as well ban all manner of running and jumping, too! No exercise for kids, period. Makes so much sense to those who are afraid of their own shadow and want to impose their own fear on everybody else. Heck, I climbed trees when I was young. Fell out of one, too. Got hit by a baseball and had the wind knocked out of me. Fell and scrapped my knees numerous times. Smashed my finger on a jumping board once. Ran barefoot in the summertime. Walked in the rain. Caught fire flies at dusk. Played pick up sticks, dodge ball, Red Rover, and all the normal childhood games we could dream up. We also had afternoon chores to do. We should really stop all childhood activities as they are much too dangerous.
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Another Ebola Risk: It Eats Logic

Bluebonnet Wrote: Oct 11, 2014 3:57 PM
Quarantine/isolation is a Biblical solution for stopping infectious diseases from spreading. I am sure the affected countries would be agreeable to such a nation wide quarantine, with help which they are receiving, in hopes of stopping this killer disease from infecting the whole world. It is the smartest approach to a dangerous situation.
Obamacare IS unconstitutional, and always has been. It is a destructive mechanism to bring about complete control over the population by the government, essentially taking away our rights under the Constitution and destroying the best health care delivery system in the world. Add to this the fact the U.S. is financially broke, Obamacare becomes an issue about money. Who wins, who loses. It all is an insurmountable equation of failure and rationed health care to those deemed worthy by the government. Make no mistake about it.
The GOP had better get our front with a good message. Too many sat out the last election. Nothing is certain either way, and NO seat is a safe seat. Poll watchers and counters at every precinct are needed.
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