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GUILTY: For Just Being Christian

Bluebonnet Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 11:45 AM
If such action is not within the scope of her Mayoral duties, fire her!
Where do you get these figures? Both registered Conservatives and Independents make up a great voting structure joining with dissatisfied registered Republicans, and dissatisfied Democrats, I might add. If the GOP loses this consort of voters, they will be inviting their own demise.
I don't have that luxury. But, here is the thing. Because we put up the same old candidates hostile to good governance and to the Constitution, people do stay home and do not exercise their right to vote for one reason or another. Aside from voter fraud and electronic voter machine manipulation, that contributed greatly to Romney's defeat, not that he was the best candidate for President but that he was the better of the two. Look, we keep being manipulated by the media in all of these elections.
Senator Cruz is a breath of fresh air speaking truth to the people! Established Republicans are their own worst enemy and have become an enemy of responsible governance. They claim to be something they are not and will stop at nothing to hold their powerful seats without realizing the deceit of their own actions has contributed greatly to the obvious demise and weakening of this nation. Senator Paul has many good qualities, but supporting self-serving candidates who have long overstayed their usefulness will not help his chances in any Presidential run. Sen. Cochran and Sen. Graham will likely be defeated in November, a very distinct possibility. The establishment lost the last Senate elections because of their stupidity, and it probably will be the same this November. Deceit is the face of evil.
We should tend to our own knittin’ first. These illegal aliens are NOT immigrants, they are criminal invaders. They have NO rights in this country and NO right to be here. Beside which, we do not know how many aliens are here already being fully supported by our social system of welfare. It’s a scam both on the part of the illegal aliens and on the part of our leadership who have failed in their duties to protect the citizens of this nation and who have betrayed our trust. Instead, they continue to drain us dry of all of our resources, fraudulently wasting mega trillions of unrecoverable monies left to the burden of our citizens, most of whom have been asleep to the consequences of a rising tyrannical rule.
Historically, Palestine was always a region. Yes, those who call themselves Palestinians today came from Jordan and Syria. And, why do WE keep giving them money to support their quest to destroy Israel. We get NO accountability for our money, a very inexcusable financial attitude. We get nothing in return. We support the thugs and barbarians of the world, essentially funding terrorism which, by the way, will eventually come back to our own shores. 9 11 may turn out to be minor compared to what could next happen here. Our leadership has become a dealership of fraud, waste, abuse and corruption. We have entered a new phase of intended incompetence and irresponsibility.
We betray ourselves by accepting criminality as a right.
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Lawsuits and Impeachment

Bluebonnet Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 7:49 AM
The Republicans need to stop fighting within their own party. The GOP lost the Senate last election by not supporting Republican candidates in races that could have been won. Besides which, openly fighting with the TEA (Taxed enough already) Party coalition leaves the GOP without any means of winning anything. Far too many Republican voters stayed home in the last few election cycles because of their dissatisfaction with Republicans. Somebody needs to get their act together, and fast! They spend too much time making nice with the Democrats allowing the Democrats lead them around by the nose!
What’s missing are cold hard facts? It is obvious our government is incapable of protecting our borders. Who is in this country illegally? How many? Who keeps putting out the 11 million bogus figure? Who authorizes unending welfare cash rewards to anybody, citizen or non-citizen, and for what reason? We have moved from a vibrant society into one of permanent dependency and have surrendered this nation to all manner of waste, fraud, abuse and corruption. That goes without saying because we see it as a parade of deceits each and every day, a paralysis without treatment. This country is bankrupt with an unrecoverable National Debt and Deficit. The real question is when do we collapse as a nation? Will the influx of illegal aliens push us over the edge? Considering all of the dangers we are facing because of bad management and corruption at all levels in every area, it may just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. We, as a whole, have been denied any ability to survive because we do nothing to free ourselves from the clutches of those engaged in the political game of thievery and division of the masses.
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Does Obama Believe in Terrorism?

Bluebonnet Wrote: Jul 13, 2014 10:23 AM
Does the President believe in terrorism? Apparently so! He is enabling terrorists, providing weaponry to them, and funding their operations. And, regarding the war on our own southern border, he has turned his back on it. Terrorists can walk through, the Drug Cartel has free reign, M-13 gangs have no fear in setting up shop here, and thousands more freeloaders to our welfare system get a free pass, all of which is dangerous to the well-being of this nation. I guess when one or more of our large cities gets hit, or when our own population falls prey with the introduction of plagues and communicable diseases being carried across our borders, perhaps then people will wake up to what dangers "were" present and that we did nothing about it. How long can a nation stand against the destruction being instituted by those who are derelict in their duties to preserve and protect this nation. Deceit brings about danger, and we certainly have plenty of both to go around these days. What manner of people support such action, irresponsibility and gross negligence?
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The Battle of the Border

Bluebonnet Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 8:33 AM
A nation without protected borders is not a nation! We are at war on our southern border and we have surrendered our national security. We don't know who is in this country illegally, who is receiving welfare unlawfully. Audit the IRS. The 12 million figure is so old it is even ridiculous to mention it. Talk about stupid!
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