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Republicans have no ground game. Get one! Tell the truth to the people of what is happening to them and what is going to happen to them with Democrat control. Counter the Democrat lies with truth. The GOP cannot win without TEA party support. Stop destroying your own base. Can you spell Mississippi?
Somewhere in the middle east, or in Paris, he is lunching with Hamas, I guess figuring out how much more money we will be giving them.
Human beings with actual brains? This is a mantra of the left who have been commandeered by incubuses with their unending blather of the past, dividing the low information crowd against themselves. You see, the left brained can never pause long enough to understand the baiting process. Fish are caught each and every day because they are fooled by a fishhook dangling on the end of a string manipulated by one who stands at the end of the fishing pole.
What military? He has drummed out most of the brilliant brass, or else they have retired. Now he is sending pink slips to those on active duty. Should be putting them on the southern border where desperately needed to stop the flow of illegal aliens who come here to take advantage of our FREE social network at the expense of hardworking citizen taxpayers. Closing our southern border and cutting off welfare to non-citizens should be the first order of the day for protecting America. Thinking they will become Democrat voters to keep Democrats in power is pure folly. If enough surface, then they can form their own party apparatus.
All true! Yet, the Democrats and the media peddle their opinions to the low-information crowd who believe it without having a thinking hat of their own. Watch the media now try to manipulate this war, as they always do. Time for them to just step back and shut up with their dangerous one-sided biased voices that cause real harm. If we don't tell the terrorists what we are doing, they won't be prepared to move their s**t around. We should not signal the enemy every move we make or are about to make.
They just about the only ones willing to deliver the supplies by ground in dangerous territory. Don't knock them!
A little too late, but I guess better late than never. At least SOME innocent lives might be saved. And, where are the other nations who have interests in the middle east or concern for the genocide of thousands being carried out, namely Saudi Arabia, England, France, blowhards all of them. Saudi Arabia exempts themselves from everything. That's because they play both sides of the fiddle, and want everyone else to do their bidding for them. These nations should have already been in there doing something before it got to this point. The U.S., as it stands now, has no credibility. And, Obama is NOT going to touch ISIS. Think about it.
Our government has become nothing more than a thieving pot of dictators, spending our money recklessly with no accountability. Reported this week, over 600 billion missing from Agencies. Congress having no conscious ability to stop waste and fraud. We empty our treasury carelessly. We are financially destitute, broke! People need jobs, not government checks forever serving only to emasculate the population, stifling hope for individual prosperity. The unconstitutional “ rule making” must stop. Shutting down our energy sources will leave this nation sitting in darkness without even a stick of wood allowed for heat. Our economy is in the tank, the world is on fire, and our borders are wide open, left open intentionally for more economic intrusion. What is the response from Washington? They hi-tail it out of here! The citizens deserve better! After all, we pay the fare.
The GOP can no longer win a general election without TEA Party support. That's what the voting results show. The so-called "Party Bosses" better wise up and stop shutting off their base by playing dirty tricks, talking nonsense, or calling in Democrats to cover their back sides. The money is on the establishment side, but the voters want change. We have an incompetent inefficient government now playing dangerously with our National Debt and Deficit, allowing debilitating unconstitutional "rules," engaging in waste, fraud and abuse, shutting down our economy and the public knows it! We CAN read the TEA leaves, too, and it "ain't" looking real good! The news media has only one ACT, to distort the truth.
Without question, Samaritan’s Purse does unparalleled work here in the U.S., first on the front lines of disaster, helping the poor and needy here at home. Mission work abroad is only a part of their dedication to humanity. Matthew 24: 14 provides insight to mission work abroad which has always been a part of the Billy Graham Crusade. There has to be a counter balance in the world working for good against evil. To complain about one’s calling to the mission field defies logic. To complain about money spent to care for those in dangerous positions, such as those working to stop the spread of Ebola, is callous. However, bringing the diseased patient back to the U.S. is a separate issue entirely and must be dealt with on its own merit, pro and con. Was it a good or bad decision? That’s the real issue.
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CIA Oversight Needs Oversight

Bluebonnet Wrote: Aug 06, 2014 5:50 PM
We do not have competent leadership, only incompetent radicals in positions of power carrying out their own agendas which amounts to nothing less than fraud and theft. I am not quite sure what their end goal is, but, whatever, it can only result in the demise of our nation. There is absolutely no respect left for honesty and truth, and none whatsoever for our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those who remain silent are just as guilty.
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