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How many different grazing fees does Bundy have to pay? If he is paying to the County/State, how is it the Federal Government can collect more grazing fees? And, what is included in those grazing fees? Who is planting more grass for the cows to graze upon? It seems Bundy is the only one making land improvements here. How did the Federal Government come by owning all of this land and for what purpose? Get the Federal Government out of the land grabbing business! It is not their Constitutional role to own land.
By going door to door with the truth! Try the Amway approach!
The main stream media outlets have reduced their audience to low information victims and have become mindless sensors of the truth. You can't hide corruption forever! A day of reckoning is coming, the shock of which will be devastating for all, including the self-discredited media who have become allies of division. They are controlled by the dark forces of misinformation.
Why is Harry Reid, or anyone else, allowed to misuse the well of the Senate to lie, or invoke personal or partisan cravings? Do we even have an operating Ethics Committee in Congress? Apparently not!
Even socialism is hostile to religion and believes it is an illusion. Karl Marx was a non-believer, an enemy of religion. Communism rejects religion. All three, socialism, Marxism, and communism are essentially a police state. You make it, we take it! Nobody wins or can ever win. Sound familiar?
Why single out Jews? Liberals are everywhere! Besides which, your comment has no authority.
Keep looking. Philadelphia churches are everywhere. (Rev.3:7)
Excellent observations! Nothing like calling a spade a spade. There are far too many fakes parading around for their own self-gratification. It's the smallness of the fronts they hide behind to make them look acceptable behind the dark cloaks they actually wear. You can't hide liberalism.
Harry Reid has disgraced the Senate many times over. He should have been removed from office long ago.
"It's been said?" Spreading of rumors amounts to lies!
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